Activation check iPhone: how to know when activated

Smartphones of the company Apple are traditionally famous for their high degree of security. For this reason, criminals are so attracted to 'apple' products – the forbidden fruit is sweet. Smartphone activation becomes an important part of device protection. In fact, activation is the first full-fledged activation of the phone when the user enters an existing one or creates a new account. From this moment, the operating life is counted. If a buyer is going to purchase a used smartphone, it is important to figure out how to find out the activation date iPhone – do not let unscrupulous sellers fool you.

Activation check iPhone

Official verification method

It is worth paying tribute to the smartphone manufacturer – he made sure that there was less temptation to steal or deceive the device. The thing is expensive, people do not want to pay for a damaged device. This is not a Chinese “miracle of technology” for three thousand rubles – the iPhone is bought by people who care about quality. If the seller says that they have never used the phone, but activated the device a year ago, then it is better to turn around and leave – the buyer is blatantly lying. To avoid such situations, Apple has provided a reliable option to quickly check activation iPhone.

The activation check iPhone is the easiest and fastest to check on the manufacturer's official website. For such cases, even a separate menu item is provided. To find out when the device was first activated. Follow the link to the official website Apple A menu for checking eligibility for service and support will open – alas, the warranty also ends over time. To start checking, be sure to indicate the serial number in the field provided, which is found in several ways:

  • on the back of the smartphone;
  • in iTunes, if connected to a computer;
  • in the phone settings ('Settings'> 'General'> 'About device');
  • the serial number is also indicated on the box in which the smartphone was delivered;
  • information is printed on a check or invoice.

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Then you will have to enter a verification code – if the user does not see what is written there or cannot recognize, then the code can be updated. For the visually impaired, there is also a 'Hear code' function. It remains to wait a little while the window with the scan results appears. Note the 'Estimated Expiration Date' item. For example, if this item contains the date 09/30/2018, then feel free to add one day and subtract the year – this is how the date turns out. In this case iPhone was activated on 10/01/2017. If the seller claims to have activated the device much later, it is better to politely say goodbye and look for another smartphone to buy.

If instead of an answer you receive an error message, then urgently contact the technical support of the company Apple. The Chinese have learned to make copies of such quality that they cannot be distinguished from the original. When buying smartphones off hand, there is a high probability of running into such a clever fake, and technical support staff will help to recognize whether the user has a genuine device.

Third Party Resources

Check activation date iPhone to IMEI

Users claim that third party sites provide more information on device activation. Moreover, instead of the serial number, the activation date iPhone is determined by IMEI. These are different identification codes – without IMEI smartphones with SIM cards are not available, but serial numbers Apple are set solely for their own convenience, both numbers are specially made unique for other devices. It will not work to check the activation date iPhone to IMEI on the company's official website, which is why 'checkers' appeared – sites that check device activation by different unique identifiers, at the user's choice.

On such sites there is a lot of information on how to find out when it is activated iPhone – in addition to the activation date, the date of purchase, the main technical characteristics, information on the right to provide warranty repair and technical support are indicated. It is worth remembering that most of these resources do not even remotely relate to the official website Apple, so no one will be responsible for the truthfulness and legality of the information provided. Using such services is simple:

  • go to the site;
  • specify identification information (IMEI) or serial number in the windows;
  • waiting for the completion of processing the operation.

Together with the start date of the warranty period, the user will have access to other useful information, including whether the 'Find iPhone' function is activated. Both methods are equally good, but the users themselves advise not to dwell on one, but to check the device in all available ways, extra prudence will not harm anyone.

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