Activation Lock – how to enable and use

Activation Lock - how to enable and use

Hello dear visitors iPhone –! Today we will talk about such a useful feature as Activation Lock. It debuted in iOS 7 and is intended to improve system security. Now we will tell you in detail what Activation Lock is and how to enable it.

What is Activation Lock

Activation Lock is a new level of protection iPhone against theft. The function allows you to block a lost or stolen gadget and you can activate it only by entering your Apple ID and password. Basically, Activation Lock makes stealing iPhone meaningless.

Enabling Activation Lock

First, you need to activate the “Find iPhone” function. How to do this, we described in detail in this article.

Activation Lock - how to enable and use

Now, if you lose iPhone, you can use the Activation Lock function on your iPhone. For this you need:

  • go to the iCloud service ( from a computer or any other device;
  • enter your Apple ID and password;
  • go to the Find My section iPhone;
  • open the device tab;
  • select the missing device;
  • then on the screen you will see several options such as: “Play sound”, “Lost mode” and “Erase iPhone”. The last point is just intended to activate the Activation Lock function, when all data from iPhone is deleted.

Activation Lock - how to enable and use

Activation Lock - how to enable and use

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Activation Lock - how to enable and use

It should be noted that even after restoration iPhone it is impossible to cancel activation. The smartphone requires you to enter a password exactly from that identifier Apple ID with which it was blocked.

This is a pretty interesting and useful feature. Since you already know how to enable it, you should now talk about its advantages and disadvantages.


  • impossibility of reselling and flashing the device and entering other data Apple ID;
  • theft iPhone essentially becomes meaningless.


  • if you gave someone the data from your Apple ID or you use a shared account and set up the “Find iPhone” service for it, then your iPhone can switch to Activation Lock mode without your knowledge directly from iCloud at any time;
  • there is a risk of buying a second-hand iPhone locked using Activation Lock and you can only remove the lock if you know the data Apple of the previous owner's ID;
  • if you activate the Activation Lock function and forget the password for Apple ID and keys to restore it, you will end up with a “brick”.

The only way to protect yourself is to enter secret passphrases to change your password Apple ID. But this will not save you from erasing information from your phone. For this reason, before turning on Activation Lock, make sure that no one else has access to your account.

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