How to save contacts from iPhone

How to save contacts from iPhone

Many who lose their device regret not the piece of iron itself (although this is a significant amount of money), but the lost contacts. In this article we will tell you how to save all contacts with iPhone so as not to lose loved ones, friends and business partners.

If you are a happy owner of a technique Apple, then the very first way to save contacts with iPhone suggests itself.

Save contacts using iCloud.

Go to 'Settings' and open the iCloud tab

In the window that opens, we find 'Contacts', and if synchronization is not turned off, turn it on.

How to save contacts from iPhone

The message 'Your contacts will be merged with iCloud' will open. Click 'Combine'. Now all contacts will be saved and easily restored if the device is lost.

Note: you definitely need to use this method so that all contacts are transferred to all your devices Apple.

If you decide to transfer contacts to another device (not a company Apple), then it is possible to find the list of contacts at

How to save contacts from iPhone

Now about the problems of transferring contacts from Apple to other operating systems or vice versa.

1. Contacts cannot be copied to a SIM card, and thus, by moving the SIM card to another phone, solve the problem of transferring contacts.

2. From my own experience, I will say that the easiest way is to interrupt contacts with 'pens'. You can 'dance with a tambourine' for a long time, but the fact that not all the information assigned to the contact will be transferred can be said with 99% confidence. I spent more time on 'dancing' than 'typing' the necessary information using iCloud, open on my computer.

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3. Previously, it was possible to copy contacts to iTunes. But with the release of version 12.0.1. this opportunity disappeared (or became so deeply hidden that I could not find it). It is possible that the function has simply disappeared, since it's much easier to see contacts at

Saving contacts using third-party applications.

Excel Contacts helps you save your contacts to an Excel file.

With this application, you can get a file that opens on any computer and in almost any operating system.

Install the application using the following link

How to save contacts from iPhone

App Store

(the app costs 66 rubles, but it is available in our Public account)

Run it and select the type of the saved file

How to save contacts from iPhone

Then we send the file by e-mail and save it on different computers and on several flash drives. Now for sure contacts with iPhone will not be lost.

How to save contacts from iPhone

The method is 'old', but nothing will be lost for sure.

Synchronizing contacts using Google.

If you are not afraid of Google's “all-seeing eye”, then it is possible to synchronize contacts using the Gmail service. There was a detailed article on our website.

We have suggested some simple ways to save contacts from iPhone, maybe you know others? Share them in the comments.

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