Activation Lock, how to unlock iPhone

After the appearance of iOS 7, the function of blocking by Apple ID was introduced, via iCloud or Activation Lock to protect against theft – such a stolen iPhone cannot be used. But some owners of these devices have suffered from this feature. When purchasing an iPhone, on which the Find My function iPhone was enabled, and when the firmware is updated, the inscription Activation Lock may appear on the screen.

Activation Lock, how to unlock iPhone

Blocking by Apple ID means that the device is blocked directly on the server Apple. Therefore, you cannot do anything on your own with it. To unlock iPhone 4S, you need to try to contact the technical support of the company and ask to remove the lock. It is important to have proof that the gadget was purchased legally. But if the previous owner of the device marked it as lost or stolen, this recovery method does not work.

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To unlock the phone, you need to call technical support and describe the problem. In this case, you will need to say that the device was purchased legally, there are all documents confirming this fact. They will have to be sent along with a check with a photo of the phone to be seen on it IMEI. If there is a box from the gadget, a warranty card and other documents, they will also need to be sent. You will also have to state your request in writing with an explanation of the situation. The check should show:

  • the name of the store where the gadget was bought, website, phone number, outlet address;
  • date of purchase;
  • price and other characteristics of the product.

Activation Lock, how to unlock iPhone

After the letter has been sent, you can:

  • just wait;
  • call every day with the question: 'What's wrong with the application?';
  • duplicate letters.

You do not need to be too active, as you can get blocked. On average, a response to a request comes in a period of time from 2 days to a month. If the answer is yes, an email will be sent describing the steps to unlock. If it is refused, you can resend the letters. But since technical support keeps a history of calls, it will most likely not be successful.

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