Activation lock iPhone: how to remove or bypass

Activation lock iPhone: how to remove or bypass

The company's smartphones Apple are considered desirable prey for fraudsters due to their high cost and increased demand. Even used devices are sold out like hotcakes at a train station. Therefore, the developers had to think about creating protection for the device. This is how the 'Find iPhone' security algorithm appeared, with built-in Activation Lock functionality that can turn a working phone into a piece of plastic. In order to avoid problems, it is important for users to know how to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone 5 and later models. Bypassing the blocking will come in handy even for the legitimate owners of devices – it is better to be 'fully armed'.

What is Activation Lock

What is Activation Lock

It is also important to understand what Activation Lock iPhone is and why users need this feature. The point is fraudsters – manufacturers seek to protect manufactured devices and owners. Expensive smartphones have a higher degree of protection, Apple belongs to this category. For this, 'Find iPhone' and Activation Lock were invented. The owner of the device knows that in case of theft, he will quickly find the smartphone and return it. The idea is promising, more than once proved its viability. But also more than once let down the legitimate owners of mobile devices. The function is automatically activated on devices with an installed operating platform of at least iOS 7.

Activation Lock is turned on automatically when you put your smartphone in the 'Find iPhone' configuration. And it works until the owner of the device turns off the function, or removes the smartphone from the iCloud account. While the activation lock application is on, confirmation is required by entering passwords and a name in a special window. This principle prohibits fraudsters from using the device, applications and functionality will be blocked. And no reboot of the phone will help, entering the password will be required even during a hard reset and firmware update.

Danger of Activation Lock for the owner of the smartphone

The danger of Activation Lock for the owner of the smartphone

In a nutshell, activation lock can turn a smartphone into a useless piece of eraser, glass and metal, which will fit only as a stand for a coffee cup. When the algorithm is activated, the device is completely locked, and without entering Apple ID, the smartphone turns into a 'pumpkin'. Therefore, activation lock iPhone, how to remove which, we will describe below, is dangerous for criminals, and even for the legitimate owners of the device. In this case, the technical support service Apple shrugs its shoulders and cannot help – checked by the owners of the devices. Yes, and the saved information will have to say goodbye, it cannot be restored.

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Worse, if there was an activation lock iPhone 5S – how to remove if you forgot Apple ID? The likelihood of password recovery remains if the account is linked to a third-party email account. But this is not one hundred percent, so before activating the 'Find iPhone' function, write down your account information Apple ID and change the password if necessary. It is also recommended to back up your information and files, if possible. However, the loss of saved files is not a huge price to pay for returning iPhone to the owner.

'Remove Activation Lock (iCloud) via Third Parties'

If you're still trying to remove the iCloud lock on your device after trying the other options listed on this page, then we recommend going down the third-party route, we've tried several different online companies and got good reviews for two in particular. First, it is Apple iPhone Unlock and, secondly, DoctorUnlock. The great news is it is a very straight forward service and it is all done remotely via IMEI so you don't have to take or ship your device anywhere. Considering the prices we've seen elsewhere for a similar service, they're very reasonable and the turnaround towards completing the unlock was excellent.

What to do if activation is blocked

What to do if activation is blocked

There are not many options on how to bypass the activation lock on the iPhone 5 – most often, errors in the operating platform are used to bypass the activation lock. A mobile security specialist bypassed security in less than five minutes by typing a large number of characters in the fields to fill in the wireless information. Another error iOS 11 also disables the lock. Update your device, and then, during the language and locale setup phase, click the Home button three times. After that, you need to swipe up and down the screen many times, and the smartphone will function without activation lock.

Device users and electronics experts themselves argue that it is not worth relying too much on operating platform errors, since Apple is improving products – today the bug is present, tomorrow it will not. Therefore, the 'craftsmen' are looking for alternative methods of bypassing the lock so as not to turn the smartphone into a useless but expensive trinket. Found a 'legal' way to remove the lock using the 'Find iPhone' function.

  1. Go to the official website and sign in with your account Apple ID.
  2. Open the 'Find iPhone' tab and press 'All devices' at the top of the display.
  3. Select the locked iPhone in the list and click 'Erase'.
  4. Click on the item 'Remove from account'.
  5. Reboot device.

Also, with two-factor identification, the smartphone can be unlocked by entering the installed key. But it happens that the described methods do not help – then use a complex, but proven method.

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