Alice and Siri's conversation

Voice assistants for PC and mobile devices Siri and Alice talk to each other. Can they agree?

Alice's conversation and Siri: can voice assistants quarrel

How Alice and Siri talk to each other

To hear a funny dialogue of voice assistants, you need to enable programs on two mobile devices. Dialogue recordings appeared on the Internet. For example, Siri and Alice are talking to each other:

Listening Impression: The conversation is not sticking. Users who have made friends with their voice assistants are frustrated by the communication between the two smart programs. A conversation between robots looks less meaningful than a dialogue with a human.

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The exchange of opinions is animated when the person asks the topic. If no one directs the chatter of the androids, then the conversation turns into a series of interjections, monosyllabic statements.

Alice is talking to Siri

Programs take offense too

Listening to the conversation between Alice and Siri, it is funny to observe the difference in characters.

joke about Siri and Alice

Alice appears soft and feminine, while Siri is seen in sharpness. For no particular reason, Alice and Siri had a fight. Siri said to her interlocutor: “You are lying.”

There was, of course, no lie. There was no offense. Programs simulate communication. They have no interests and desires of their own. Their task is to adapt to the user of a mobile device, study his preferences, speech features, and learn to understand him. When communicating with a person, the assistant “grows smarter”, begins to understand perfectly.

Alice swears with Siri

The voice assistant cannot seriously argue with either a person or a robot. He was programmed to be polite.

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