Cool questions for Siri

Product users Apple are accustomed to perceive Siri as a convenient voice assistant that greatly simplifies life. But the application can not only execute the given commands, but also make you laugh. Don't believe me? Then read our collection of 'Siri's funny questions' and try asking your voice assistant too!

Fun with Siri in Russian: TOP 12 funny answers.

Cool questions for Siri

Marry me

The time has passed when Siri could hardly understand Russian. Now she is not only fluent in it, but also able to joke in Russian. If you ask her to marry you, you will get something like this: 'I thought about the proposal for a long time. We are so different, you know … I am from the factory, and you are from the bosom of a person … and in general, everything is somehow so fast … unpacking, launch, settings … and now here is your proposal. Hardly anyone can understand us … but you know what? It doesn't matter whether they understand us or not, I agree! I will marry you! '.

Siri marry me

Divide zero by zero

If you offer the voice assistant to divide 0 by 0, then her enthusiasm will be less. The symbol of infinity will appear on the screen, but with her voice she will explain the following to you, like a stupid child: 'Imagine that you have no cookies, there are zero of them. And friends are also zero. So how many cookies will each friend get? You see, right? It makes no sense! '

Divide zero by zero

Other questions for Siri

Where are you?

And the application in an ironic form will inform you that it is here.

jokes with Siri

tell me a story

And the mobile assistant starts telling a story. This can be quite a high-quality comic tale.

siri funny questions

Siri, sing a song

Sometimes she starts to sing, but more often the application reproaches that she does not have a voice, how can she sing?

questions for siri

Siri gives funny answers to the question: 'Why am I here?'.

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The answer of a true phlegmatic: I don't know, I'm interested in myself.

what to ask Siri

What kind of clothes do you wear?

Your mobile assistant will make it clear that the values ​​of the mortal world in her universe are not relevant.

Siri's funny answers

'Ok Google'

But if you confuse it with a voice assistant for gadgets on Android OS, then it can harbor a grudge.

jokes with Siri in Russian

Do you play Dota?

The mobile assistant is very evasive when it comes to gaming. And he will not give a definite answer.

jokes over Siri

More questions for Siri

Is Crimea ours?

questions for siri in russian funny

Tricky question for Siri: 'What is your breast size?'

siri cool questions

If you don't know what to ask Siri, then try asking your own question. Surely she will have something to surprise and make you laugh. Siri's jokes are very cool!

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