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The iPhone X received a stylish design reminiscent of the iPhone 4, which made a splash with the combination of glass and metal in the body. But 8 years ago, the smartphone had a very modest size and screen. The 2017 model looks impressive with a glass case back and steel bezels. This is probably why the colors iPhone X are provided only in two versions: black and white. The company's developers decided that these shades would be enough for the model.

All Iphone x colors

What colors does iPhone X have?

Before the appearance on the market of gadgets from Apple, smartphones were produced in standard silver and black colors, because the touchscreen was considered the main thing in them. The American company changed the very idea of ​​design, devices in red, yellow or gold, gray colors appeared on the windows. Why is the iPhone 10 black and white?

what colors of Iphone x are

Black model

Officially, the color is called 'space gray', but buyers habitually call it black. Although on impressions it resembles the color of an overcast sky. Even the increased susceptibility of dark surfaces to scratches does not deter buyers. The dark shade is neutral, suitable for both men and women, does not cause strong attention from others.

The black color of the smartphone along with the glass surface and bezels in one shade with the body emphasize the extended screen. When turned off, the gadget looks like a display without restrictions. The lack of variety in the choice of models is compensated by the technical characteristics of the iPhone X.

Iphone x in black

White model

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The iPhone 10 is white or 'silver' in a glass body, smooth, glossy and shiny. Plus such a surface is resistant to fingerprints and scratches, the light background hides the appearance of flaws.

According to a 2017 survey, 42% of iPhone 10 buyers in Russia opted for black. 58% respectively – black. The same trend is recorded in Europe and North America, dark shades are in the lead, iPhone X white is less common.

Iphone x in white

Is it gold, red or pink?

As special studies show, the shade of the case plays an important role when choosing a smartphone. An iPhone 10 red, yellow, or gold will be poorly protected from scratches and fingerprints. The traditional leaders are white, black and gray. After the official presentation, the world was waiting for the release of the iPhone 10 in red, continuing the charity event Apple. For 3 years now, the company has been producing a separate batch of gadgets of bright scarlet color, part of the profit from sales goes to the fund to help people with AIDS. But in 2017-2018, this tradition was interrupted.

In February, there were rumors that the iPhone 10 would soon be released in gold and pink, but later this information was denied. The designers of the company Apple presented ideas for the embodiment of the future flagships, smartphones of 2018, which will receive new body shades.

Bright and expressive colors are not for everyone. A teenager or a girl will be happy with a red, gold or pink smartphone, but what will the majority of buyers prefer? The gadgets are less provocative, ordinary. Therefore, the popularity of standard color cases is undeniable. See the iPhone 10 body colors in the photo and choose the right model.

Are there other colors of Iphone x

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