All ways to reload iPhone

Inexperienced people scold Apple for the fact that their devices do not have a special point to reboot iPhone. Indeed, there is nothing similar to what Android has in apples, but there are still several ways to shutdown or reboot.

Method 1: classic

The simplest is to turn off and on the device using the power button. You can hold it for a short while, after which a slider will appear on the screen, by swiping on which you turn off the device. If it hangs and does not react to pressing (there are such situations even with Apple), you do not need to panic – the phone or any other gadget will turn off if you hold down the power button for 10 seconds.

All ways to reload iPhone

Method 2: reboot via Settings

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The second way to turn off the phone is a special item in the settings. To find it, select the appropriate widget, go to settings, the 'General' item.

All ways to reload iPhone

At the very bottom we find the line 'Disable'.

All ways to reload iPhone

Method 3: hard reboot iPhone

Enlightened users of apple devices use another method. It perfectly saves in case of emergency, if there are problems at the stage of loading the phone (errors come out or simply does not turn on). In this case, you can make a forced reboot, such a reboot is performed by simultaneously pressing the power and Home buttons. After 10 seconds of clamping, the gadget will successfully restart, solving all problems.

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