Battery capacity iPhone X: how long is enough, charge percentage

The tenth model of the company's flagship smartphones Apple has earned the love of users. The point here is both the updated design and the top technologies, which the Chinese 'craftsmen' immediately began to copy. The smartphone dictates new rules and requirements for modern phones, sets a fashionable direction – a display without frames is a direct proof of this. Simplicity and conciseness of forms attract the eye, updated technological equipment makes the user plunge into the atmosphere of a game or film. The only question is whether the battery iPhone X will withstand long-term operation with a smartphone – users do not want to be left without a means of communication at the right time.

battery capacity for iPhone 10

Battery capacity iPhone X

With the release of the updated 'apple' flagship, the main parameters were improved, including the battery capacity for the iPhone 10. The redesigned hardware configuration provided the result of 2716 mAh. For company phones Apple this is a high level indicator. Users did not like the numbers on the box. Platform competitors Android claim increased battery capacity. In reality, it turns out that the smartphone is optimized and works in offline mode as well as competitors.

There are smartphones on the market with powerful and medium-sized batteries, but among smartphones Apple the 'dozen' showed excellent results due to the dual battery configuration. 60 hours of listening to music using the Internet, 12 hours of active surfing, 21 hours of talk – this is enough for everyday use. Moreover, the battery iPhone X supports fast wireless charging up to 50 percent in 20 minutes.

iphone x: battery capacity

Percentage charge on iPhone X

For those who do not like to see the remaining charge in the form of a simple battery, two news are offered – good and bad. By tradition, we start with the sad one – due to the updated configuration of the display, the 'ears' do not prohibit placing the percentage of the charge, only the drawing of the battery. The numbers simply do not fit on the screen, so the developers had to limit themselves to the icon. Not very comfortable, but there is no alternative, except to display the percentage of the charge in the form of a widget on the home screen.

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Now the good news – the developers have left the function showing the charge as a percentage at iPhone X. To do this, you need to touch the upper right part of the display, where the battery icon is located. Swipe down on the screen – then the 'Control Center' panel will open. The percentage of charge remaining appears next to the battery indicator. This is due to the icon dropping down and displaying space for percentages.

charge percentage on iphone x

Battery case for iPhone X

Winter is approaching, which means that the iPhone 10 will start to sit down quickly in the cold. It is worth noting that many flagship smartphones suffer from similar problems. Powerbank is hard to carry with you all the time without using a bag, so global manufacturers have proposed a solution to the problem – a case that can recharge the battery. In appearance, such cases are not very presentable, but they do their job perfectly.

Manufacturers offer configurations of various capacities and colors of the battery cover for iPhone X. The minimum capacity of such a battery is 3600 mAh, which is enough to recharge iPhone X from scratch. The most popular cases with a capacity of 10,000 mAh, equipped with silicone edges to protect the smartphone. The cases also have charge indicators, buttons for activating the function, and a connector for charging the case with a cable. The future has arrived!

battery case for iPhone 10

Comparison with other models iPhone

Smartphones of the company Apple are distinguished by high-quality optimization, so the declared battery capacity iPhone X does not interfere with using the device without restrictions. And when using a battery cover or a power bank, there will be no equal to the phone. For comparison, we give a table of capacities of other models – it is easy to follow the evolution of the products of the 'apple' manufacturer.

iPhone 2G 1400 mAh
iPhone 3G 1150 mAh
iPhone 3GS 1219 mAh
iPhone 4 1420 mAh
iPhone 4s 1430 mAh
iPhone 5 1440 mAh
iPhone 5c 1510 mAh
iPhone 5s 1560 mAh
iPhone 6 1810 mAh
iPhone 6 plus 2915 mAh
iPhone 6s 1715 mAh
iPhone 6s plus 2750 mAh
iPhone 7 1960 mAh
iPhone 7 plus 2900 mAh
iPhone 8 1821 mAh
iPhone 8 plus 2675 mAh
iPhone X 2716 mAh
iPhone XS 2658 mAh
iPhone XS Max 3174 mAh
iPhone XR 2942 mAh

Optimization, increased screen energy efficiency and a powerful processor make the smartphone suitable for active use – the battery will last. Tests will not be able to give accurate results, since the duration of operation directly depends on the frequency of use of the device.

iPhone 10 charge comparison

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