Broke iPhone under warranty: what to do

The iPhone has broken under warranty: what to do to fix the problem as quickly as possible? You can go both to the store and to the service center. They have similar powers.

the iPhone has broken under warranty what to do

The store can:

  • replace the phone with a similar one;
  • return the full cost of the goods;
  • make a replacement for another model with a surcharge or partial refund;
  • send the device to the service center Apple.
iphone repair under warranty

In service centers Apple the telephone can:

  • repair with original spare parts;
  • replace with a device similar in functionality.
an iPhone under warranty is being repaired or changed

So, to change a broken phone under warranty for a new one, with components, you should go to the store. Within 14 days you can get a full refund here, and during the warranty period you can exchange the device for a similar or different model. However, when contacting the seller, additional difficulties may arise: employees may refuse to return for far-fetched reasons. They often refer to the absence of a check, the original box, although these attributes are not required for the official replacement of the gadget. Another problem is long-term maintenance. If the phone is not changed immediately, but sent for repair (to the same service center Apple), you will have to wait up to 45 days, the maximum period allowed by law.

If the owner wants to speed up the process, you should contact the service center immediately. A list of official offices can be found on the website Apple. What do service centers do if they take an iPhone under warranty – do they repair or change it? The branch is more likely to repair an existing device than replace it with a new one. If a new gadget is given out, then without accessories – a charger, instructions, boxes.

hand over the iphone under warranty

Preparation of phone and documents

Before going to a service center or store iPhone you need to prepare. The official website of the company provides the following instructions:

  1. Disable screen lock.
  2. Remove the SIM card, remove the protective film, glass, case and other accessories.
  3. Back up your data. Break pair with Apple Watch if available.
  4. Turn off iMessage and Find My Device.
  5. Reset the device by erasing the information.
replacement glass iphone 7 under warranty

In connection with a breakdown, some instructions may be impracticable, then the owner must try to comply with at least some of them. For example, you can delete device information through iCloud.

Further, in order to hand over iPhone under warranty to the service center, it is enough to take the passport and the device itself. No warranty card, receipt, box required: Center staff will check the warranty information through the serial number of the device. Please note that not only the original owners iPhone can go to the service center, but also those to whom the phone was resold.

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When contacting a store, a cashier's receipt is not needed. This is spelled out in the consumer protection law, but in reality, most sellers will not accept the device unless the owner presents:

  • sales and cash receipt;
  • warranty card;
  • packaging with a full set of accessories.

A passport is also required. You can return money or change the device without a check, but then you will have to talk to the manager for a long time, defending your rights.

replacement glass iphone 7 plus under warranty

Refusal of free service

Repair iPhone under warranty can be carried out for free and for a fee. Those clients whose problems are related to a factory defect are subject to free service. Apple free of charge repairs or changes gadgets with camera misalignment, pixels that have not been working since the moment of purchase, etc. But there are cases when free service will be denied:

  • discrepancy between the serial number data and the real data of the smartphone: discrepancy in color, size, model (due to suspicion of fraud);
  • jailbreak installation;
  • traces of intentional damage to the phone (the owner broke the screen under the guise of a factory defect in order to get a replacement, etc.);
  • installation of a non-original battery;
  • signs of moisture entering the device;
  • the malfunction is not included in the list of warranty cases, since it is not a factory one, but a purchased one.
iphone 5s modem replacement visit warranty

It is strongly discouraged to give away the phone for ads from the category 'Replacing the modem iPhone 5s under warranty with departure'. Employees of official centers do not go home, and after opening the phone by third-party masters, it will no longer be possible to get repairs under warranty.

Will the service accept iPhone with physical damage? Yes, traces of wear (scuffs and minor scratches) will not confuse anyone. Even large cracks on the glass, if the screen is broken, are not a reason for denial of service. The main thing is that there is no direct connection between the physical damage and the breakdown due to which the client turned to the center. For example, replacing the speaker with a iPhone 6S under warranty will still work even if cracked. If the iPhone is under warranty and the screen crashed, and the client requires a change of the display, ReStore will be refused.

Owners of counterfeit devices will not be able to hand over the phone even to a paid service.

Do I change the glass on the iPhone under warranty

Warranty extension

After the service, the warranty for the gadget must be extended or renewed. What happens to the warranty period depends on whether the company will replace the phone or repair it.

Let's consider some examples:

  1. Glass replacement iPhone 7 Plus under warranty. The service took 2 days, at the time of delivery there were 95 days left from the warranty. After the device is issued, only 93 days remain, but the company adds 2 days spent on repairs. In total – again 95 days.
  2. Complete replacement of the gadget. The warranty for the replaced iPhone is canceled: a new phone can be returned under warranty for another year.
  3. Paid service. Additional days of warranty are not available.
the iPhone is broken under warranty

Apple meets customers halfway, provides service promptly and efficiently, but in order to achieve repair under warranty, you need to carefully handle the phone. Do not immerse it in water, replace original parts, or install a jailbreak. Then the service will be successful.

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