Cameras iPhone X: how many megapixels, how to shoot

The company Apple has seriously set itself the goal of creating a smartphone with a camera that is not inferior, and in the future even superior in quality, to professional devices. Camera iPhone X allows even a person who does not have artistic skills to get high-quality photos at the right time. According to statistics, the camera is a popular feature in a smartphone. It is used every day, so manufacturers pay attention to such technologies.

camera on iphone x


The iPhone 10 did not become another model, the release of the gadget marked the beginning of a new era in the development of digital technology in the company Apple. The 2017 model comes with two updated modules with a traditional lens and a wide-angle lens. Learn more about the characteristics of the iPhone X:

  1. How many megapixels in an iPhone 10 – 12 megapixels.
  2. Aperture f / 1.8, creates ideal conditions for night photography.
  3. Optical stabilization of the TV camera. Now the picture is clear and not blurry.
  4. Shooting video in 4K format, dual camera iPhone X writes videos with a slow motion effect.

Files are saved in the HEVK standard, are lighter and take up a minimum of disk space. But what is impressive is taking photos and videos in the dark. There have never been such clear images on iPhones in the dark.

iphone x camera specifications


The TrueDepth function consists of several components, each of which is responsible for the action when taking photos and videos on the front of the smartphone. The purpose of each of the elements:

  1. 7 megapixel camera.
  2. Light sensor.
  3. Proximity sensor.
  4. Point projector. Responsible for creating a projection of the owner's face. The device reads 30,000 points and creates an ultra-accurate map of the 'owner' appearance, which will later be used for identification.
  5. Infrared camera. Security component. The sensor reads the structure of a person's face in the infrared spectrum and sends this data to the SecureEnclave. If the information matches the previously created model, the smartphone will be unlocked. Face ID has replaced fingerprint protection, and according to smartphone owners, Apple is far superior to legacy security.

Fragments of the new A11 Bionic processor convert the face shot into mathematical values, so the camera recognizes the owner even in difficult conditions. The infrared emitter emits a beam of invisible light and sees the face even in darkness or twilight.

TrueDepth on iphone x

TrueDepth is responsible for unlocking, in addition, using the option, the owner pays for purchases in online stores, and also takes selfies in difficult conditions: at night, at dusk, in bright light. The front camera detects facial data in three dimensions, so applications with masking during shooting have become more technological and more accurate. The mask “sits” on the face, repeats facial expressions and emotions.

Portrait lighting

Until recently, only professional photographers knew about the bokeh effect. With the release of the iPhone 8, 8+ and X, users are introduced to this portrait function. The dual camera takes photographs where light and focus are concentrated on the foreground subject, while the background is blurred. Moreover, in iPhone X the option was given to a regular and a front camera.

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According to the developer, 'Portrait Lighting' is not only about special filters. The program analyzes the object and external factors, selects the appropriate mode for a particular case. AI controls lighting, adds softness, shadows or changes the background.

iphone x: portrait lighting

Portrait Mode

You can activate Portrait mode in the Camera app, then adjust the composition and choose the appropriate effect, then click on the camera button at the bottom of the screen. The program uses machine learning, the chip in the A11 Bionic processor remembers and processes the user's decisions, predicts his popular actions and helps when working with photos and snapshots. Portrait mode includes 4 styles:

  1. 'Daylight'.
  2. 'Studio Light'.
  3. 'Contour Light'.
  4. 'Stage light'.

Studio light deserves special attention. The photo is obtained in black and white, the contours of the face are emphasized, the subject comes to the fore by darkening the background. If the picture was taken in Portrait mode, the Portrait Lighting effect can be canceled. Go to the 'Photos' section, select the desired image and click the slider icon. A scoreboard with a setting will come out at the bottom, turn the wheel and select the appropriate effect.

Portrait mode features are available for the front camera. Selfies are now captured with all Portrait Lighting styles.

A year has passed since the release of the iPhone 10 smartphone, and it is already safe to say that the option was tested in a positive way. In the process of using beta versions of the OS, lags were detected, which were fixed by the developers at the time of operation and eliminated in the final program.

Iphone x: portrait mode

Double stabilization

Starting with the iPhone 10, the company has equipped both cameras with optical image stabilization. The picture and video are smoother during shooting. Additionally, the 'Pendulum' and 'Long Exposure' options are used. The latter feature helps you shoot clear video in the dark.

How to shoot with iPhone X?

When buying, the question is, what does the iPhone 10 camera mean, how many megapixels are in it? 2017 models got 12MP for the two main cameras. But the main advantage of the device is not in the numerical superiority of pixels, but in the set of functions and technical equipment of the smartphone. Advantages of the tenth iPhone camera:

  1. Thanks to machine learning, the application itself selects the appropriate mode for a specific shooting.
  2. There are 4 styles of Portrait Lighting that can be used to frame your images professionally.
  3. Optical stabilization ensures high-quality images even in the hands of an amateur.
  4. Slow Sync combines long light pulses with short light pulses for crisp, natural shots in dark environments.

What pleases the camera iPhone X is the efficiency of image processing. You can instantly skip a photo through modes, an effect and upload it to social networks. Even with basic standard functions, impressive footage is obtained. The 'Ten' received an updated design, a frameless display and a modern camera with a set of professional modes. Traditions of iPhone X continued with smartphones of 2018 iPhone XR, XS and XSmax. Their cameras received similar characteristics, improved in some respects.

Iphone x camera: how to shoot

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