Can I swim and shoot underwater with iPhone 8

In 2010, security was the lot of specialized devices for the military, tourists or extreme sportsmen. Enclosed in thick shockproof cases, such devices withstood the most severe operating conditions, albeit at the expense of functionality.

Today Sony, Samsung, LG and other manufacturers equip flagships and mid-range models with water and dust protection.

The company Apple is no exception. The first protected model – iPhone 7 – was presented by the California IT giant in 2016. From now on, the device was not threatened with failure after a short voyage, and dust and water resistance were fixed among the features of the company's model range. The case iPhone 8 is also well protected. At the same time, the IP67 protection class indicates to owners that the iPhone 8 continues to be vulnerable underwater.

Can I swim underwater with iPhone 8

What does IP67 waterproofing mean?

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IP (Ingress Protection Rating) is an international classification system for the degrees of protection of the enclosure of electrical equipment. The IP class index is followed by a two-digit number. The first of the numbers shows the level of protection against solid particles with the indicated diameter, the second – against the effects of water and moisture. For example, IP67 devices are protected from water, splashes and dust and can withstand immersion to a depth of 1 m (they can stay there for half an hour). However, their continuous operation under water is not expected.

Testing devices for compliance with a particular standard is carried out in a laboratory environment and does not cover the full range of everyday threats. A sharp immersion or ingress of sea salt can break the tightness of the device or lead to its complete failure. The IP67 class is indicated on the official page iPhone 8, but the company Apple immediately warns about the possibility of reducing the protective properties of the smartphone, both due to natural wear and tear and due to falls.

Can I swim underwater with iPhone 8

Experiments with iPhone 8 in water are ongoing, but the responsibility lies with the owner of the vehicle. If the device has been damaged by contact with liquid (such as coffee or soda), service is not covered by the Limited 1 Year Warranty Apple. Models of the manufacturer, released after 2006, are supplied with special indicators for fixing such cases – LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator). In normal condition, the indicator is white or silver and turns red when in direct contact with water.

Video blogging enthusiasts have proven (based on the videos they filmed) that you can shoot underwater at iPhone 8. The device is able to withstand even an hour immersion in liquid. The only problem will be the inability to use the touch screen, however, photos and videos can be carried out using physical buttons.

A less risky option would be to buy a special underwater case or box for iPhone 8. Inside the device will be safer: the degree of protection of such devices is higher than IP67 and allows you to fearlessly descend to depths of up to 100 m.

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