Change the Home button to iPhone 6

iPhone 6 – reliable, but not completely protected from damage device. The Home button may fail at any time. Replacing the Home button with iPhone 6 is complicated by the TouchID technology in your phone, a technology that can easily fail if not properly repaired. However, you can do the replacement at home: for this you need to prepare the tools and read the instructions.

Change the Home button to iPhone 6 and 6S

Reasons for malfunction

“Home” is used most often. It is used for unlocking, navigation, while the volume controls, for example, are used only when listening to music. The heavy use of the Home button on the iPhone 6 is the main reason why it fails just a few months after buying a smartphone. The second reason is the fall of the phone. Due to the impact, the train breaks.

The iPhone 6 isn't the only device Apple that suffers from frequent Home breakdowns. See also: replacing the Home button with iPhone 7.

iphone 6 home button replacement

Why is repair needed

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Home button repair iPhone 6 is required. If you abandon this procedure, the owner will gradually observe a deterioration in functionality:

  1. Home will be sticky at first. There will be a 5-6 second delay in response, making it harder to get back to the home screen.
  2. Soon TouchID will start sticking too. There will be a long delay in unlocking.
  3. The end result is complete breakdown. The owner will not be able to go back or go to the home screen. The functionality of the smartphone will be severely curtailed.

To restore the original functionality, the Home button is replaced with iPhone 6s.

iphone 6 home button repair

Replacement instructions at home

Replacing the Home button with an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 plus is the same. To fix the Home button iPhone 6, you need to prepare:

  • new Home;
  • Phillips screwdrivers with magnetizer sizes 000x50mm and 1.2 mm;
  • mediator;
  • suction cup for removing the display;
  • tweezers for working with details.
replacing home button on iphone 6s

Detailed instructions:

  1. Discharge the battery to 25%. Disconnect the device.
  2. Remove the two screws located next to the Lightning connector.
  3. Attach a suction cup to the display. Gently lift the screen to create a gap around the perimeter. Use a plectrum or other spatula to pry the display over the headphone jack (this is the safest place).
  4. Walk with a pick or other spatula around the device, finally disconnecting the display. Using the suction cup, lift the display and fix it at 90 degrees to the back of the phone.
  5. Remove the protective cover from the battery connector by removing the screws. Lift the plate with tweezers.
  6. Use a pick to move the battery away from the motherboard.
  7. Remove the screws that secure the protective display cover, remove the metal plate itself, and then detach the front camera, touchscreen and display cable one by one.
  8. Remove the display. Unscrew the three screws of the Home Protection Cover and slide it off.
  9. Pry the button with a pick and lift.
  10. Press down on the button with your finger from the back of the cover. Remove it completely. Then follow the reverse instructions to install the new part.
  11. After replacing the button with an iPhone 6s, the screen may not work correctly: display only white light. In this case, restart the device.
replacing home button on iphone 6s

Repair in a service center

If the malfunction has not been eliminated by yourself, contact the service center. Repairing and replacing the home button for an iPhone 6 by the hands of professionals takes 20 minutes. After the completion of the work, the customer is provided with a 3 month warranty. The replacement price is 1100-1800 rubles.

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