Clear chat in Viber on iPhone

Messengers have long been firmly entrenched in the lives of many Internet users. The most popular of these is Viber. The app is easy to use, easy to customize and has tons of features. But even he is sometimes jammed with chats with people, communication with whom is rare. In such cases, users prefer to clear the history of communication with them so that it does not appear again before their eyes. This is easy to do.

  1. After entering the application, open the list of all chats. Now you need to select the one with which we will delete the history of communication.
  2. Clear chat in Viber on iPhone

  3. We make a swipe from right to left on the dialog and select the 'Delete' item.
  4. Clear chat in Viber on iPhone

  5. After that, the dialogue will disappear, like all the materials that were in it.

Clearing Viber chat on iPhone

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If you continue to communicate with this user, the story will start from scratch.

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