Clicks the Home button on iPhone: what to do

Should the Home button be clicked on iPhone se, 5, 5s, or 6? How to exclude a factory defect? How to clean the key from dirt and dust?

Cracks, Home button clicks iPhone 6, SE, 5, 8, 7: what to do

Smartphones Apple 6 and 5 models are equipped with mechanical Home buttons. On the one hand, it is practical and convenient. But on the other hand, various breakdowns occur due to the ingress of dirt or liquid onto it. About 60% of users notice that they click the Home button on iPhone 6, se or 5, moreover, almost from the moment of purchasing the device. Is this the norm or marriage? And how to deal with unpleasant sound.

Reasons why the Home key clicks

Crunches (clicks) the Home button on iPhone - norm or marriage

If the Home button crunches on iPhone se or on other versions, the reasons may be as follows:

  • ingress of dust and dirt under the case, provoking the key to jam;
  • factory defect – when the button is jammed immediately after purchase;
  • mechanical damage that disabled the key;
  • ingress of moisture on the body of the smartphone – as a result, the 'Home' can completely break.
Are there many such iPhone (with a Home key 'defect')?

Note that the crunch steppe can be different. With strong and loud clicks, you should think about repairing or cleaning the button. If the sound is barely noticeable, it is possible that the key is still being 'developed'

Is your smartphone still under warranty? Take it for free diagnostics at the center where you bought the device.

Is crunching normal or a factory defect?

According to user reviews, it is not uncommon for a button crunch to appear immediately after purchase. In this case, in the process of use, the sound may go away or increase. In the first version, the new key was simply 'developed'. But in the second option it is worth looking at how often and how loudly the crunch is heard.

Home button clicks - marriage or not?  Technical support is in charge Apple
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Tip: if the key started to make sounds immediately after purchase, and they only get stronger every day, take the equipment to the SC or to the store where you bought the smartphone. In 10-15% of cases, a factory defect occurs, due to which the Home button is clicked on iPhone 5s, 6 or se.

In the warranty option, Home is replaced free of charge. When the smartphone is not under warranty, and the sound appears after several months of operation, it is necessary to clean the key or replace it.

click home button iphone 6

How to clean your Home yourself

When the Home button clicks on iPhone se, 6 or 5, try cleaning it. To do this, prepare a bookmark sticker that will fit into a small slot along the contour of the key. A classic toothpick or cotton swab will not work.

Step-by-step cleaning instructions:

  1. Bring the end of the bookmark under the key. Apply a little pressure to push the part away from the body.
  2. Run the object along the contour to clean out the dirt.
  3. Repeat the procedure several times if necessary.
click home button iphone se

Note that if the sticker gets stuck during the procedure, a lot of dirt has accumulated under the key. In such a situation, it is worth taking the smartphone to a service center for full diagnostics and possible replacement of components.

Does the crunch appear after mechanical damage or getting the device wet? Contact specialists. The craftsmen will check if there are any other breakdowns, except for a crunch in the 'Home' part. You can find out what to do if the Home button on iPhone 7 does not work in our article.

The video below will help diagnose the breakdown and carry out the correct cleaning:

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