Colors iPhone 8

With the release of each new iPhone, future buyers often have a question: 'What colors will the new product be available in?'. The traditional colors for Apple phones have always been Space Gray and Silver. Later, others were added to them, which made it possible to seriously increase sales. Sometimes it happens that some color option is added after the model has entered the market. This is especially the case with the latest iPhones.

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Thus, the standard colors for today's apple flagship iPhone 8 are Space Gray, Silver and Gold. Many were surprised by the lack of rose gold color (Rose Gold), as this option was very popular among women.

Colors iPhone 8

Just a few days ago Apple showed a new color scheme for iPhone 8 – Product Red or just red. The peculiarity of such a phone is that part of the money from the sale of these phones goes to a fund to help people with AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. This is not the first time Apple has organized such a promotion. Exactly a year ago, the iPhone 7 with a red back cover was also presented.

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