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The world electronics market offers a wide range of technology. The company Apple, which releases annually updated smartphone models, is not far behind. The iPhone 10 has earned the technology breakthrough title for its audacious design and advanced interior hardware. Buyers noted one important drawback of the model – overpriced, so other smartphone manufacturers immediately became active. In this article we will try to answer the question of which is better – the iPhone 10 or Honor 10, consider other models of the Apple company, and also talk about the closest competitors.

Comparison of iPhone 10 and iPhone 8

IPhone 10 and iPhone 8

The buyers accepted the eighth iPhone model cool – the smartphone did not offer large-scale updates to users. The design of the device is similar to the previous models, and there were no innovations in terms of the 'filling'. Therefore, fans are hiding in anticipation of the release of iPhone X, which has become a new trend in the world of mobile electronics. After the release of the Top 10, the true intention of the creators was revealed – the iPhone 8 became a transitional step to large-scale changes iPhone X. Therefore, there was a steady demand for the eighth model – the device retained its usual appearance, but the functionality and the shell of the smartphone approached the indicators' tens'. Comparison of the iPhone 10 and iPhone 8 proves that smartphones have a lot in common – the models come with two memory configurations of 64 and 256 GB. The devices also support fast charging technology, for which the back panel is made of durable glass.

Cellular and wireless technologies are identical – this is because iPhone are equipped with the best modules, and nothing new has been invented yet. Communication technologies, payment for purchases with a smartphone and content playback have not changed. Smartphones can do what modern phones are supposed to do, interact with the owner through Siri and take stunning photos. But the difference is noticeable to the naked eye – the main difference between smartphones is in appearance. With similar dimensions iPhone, the X received an enlarged display thanks to the disappearance of the familiar 'Home' button. Experts recognized the move as a successful one, and believe that the future belongs to frameless displays. The 'monobrow', which houses the sensors, speaker and front camera, was at first confusing, but users appreciated the convenience of such an arrangement. Now about the differences in technology.

iPhone 8 iPhone x
Retina HD 4.7-inch Super Retina HD 5.8 inches
7MP HD FaceTime front camera 7MP TrueDepth front camera
Face ID Authentication Touch ID Authentication
Lack of HDR support HDR support
1334-by-750-pixel screen resolution Screen resolution 2436 by 1125 pixels
Dimensions 138.4×67.3×7.3 mm, weight 148 grams 143.6×70.9×7.7 mm, weight 174 grams
Telephoto lens missing The presence of a telephoto lens with an aperture of f / 2.4
Optical picture adjustment Double optical regulation
5x digital zoom 10x digital + 2x optical zoom
No portrait mode There is a portrait mode
3x digital zoom for video 6x digital and 3x optical video zoom
No portrait mode for selfies Selfie portrait mode
No lighting effects 5 light modes
No Animoji and Memoji Animoji and Memoji
Fingerprint scanner Face recognition
Battery capacity – 1821 mAh Battery capacity – 2716 mAh
Comparison of iPhone 8 plus and Phone X

Comparison of iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X

The older model of the eighth generation of smartphones iPhone also does not look like the top ten. The size of the smartphone is striking – with a smaller display than iPhone X, the length of the iPhone is eight plus 15 millimeters more. Also, 8+ in terms of technological equipment and basic functions is closer to the 'top ten' than the 'little brother'. The eighth generation is also appreciated for the fact that smartphones of three colors went on sale, instead of two shades iPhone X. The golden tone of the panel pleased many girls, buyers sincerely regretted that the iPhone 10 did not get the shade. Otherwise – The smartphone also fits comfortably in the hand, although it looks bulky due to the Home button and large frames. The dual camera on the back cover is positioned horizontally, not vertically, like the tenth iPhone, and the cover itself is made of tempered glass to realize the function of fast wireless charging.

A comparison of iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X proves that both smartphones have a dual main camera with a wide-angle telephoto lens. Inside is an advanced A11 Bionic processor, with a pre-installed Neural Engine function. The degree of protection against water is also identical – the smartphone will withstand half an hour in water at a depth of up to one meter, you only need to dry it. Portrait mode also works on both smartphones, but in the new generation the camera has been improved and the mode itself has been improved. The same media playback formats are supported, smartphones work using the same cellular and wireless modules. Video is recorded in HD 1080p, the cameras of the devices are equipped with optical stabilization, which allows you to shoot a smooth picture in motion. These are the indicators you expect from a smartphone for everyday use. There are not so many differences between iPhone 8 plus and 10.

iPhone 10 iPhone 8 plus
5.8-inch Super Reina HD display 5.5-inch Retina HD display
7MP TrueDepth front camera 7MP HD FaceTime front camera
Face ID feature Touch ID fingerprint identification
OLED Multi-Touch all over front LCD IPS Multi-Touch
HDR support Lack of HDR
Display – 2436 by 1125, pixel density – 458 per inch Display – 1920 x 1080, pixel density – 401 ppi
Dimensions – 143.6×70.9×7.7 mm, weight – 174 grams Dimensions – 158.4×78.1×7.5 mm, weight – 202 grams
F / 2.4 telephoto aperture F / 2.8 telephoto aperture
Portrait mode for front camera Lack of Portrait mode for front camera
Five illumination settings Lack of light settings
Animoji and Memoji Lack of Animoji and Memoji
Facial recognition Fingerprint identification
Battery capacity – 2716 mAh Battery capacity – 2675 mAh
Honor 10 vs iPhone 10

Honor 10 vs iPhone 10

The company's product Huawei received the title of flagship, the device should not be denied its advantages. In many respects Honor is not inferior to 'apple' products, but real practice shows that it is not easy to determine the winner in the battle 'Honor 10 vs iPhone 10'. This smartphone is for those who want a convenient and beautiful phone, but don't want to overpay for a brand. The Chinese device is designed for the mass consumer, and the idea of ​​the manufacturers has borne fruit. It is easier to use the introduction of advanced technologies on such models, so Honor was equipped with artificial intelligence. Comparison of Honor 10 and iPhone 10 shows that the Chinese simply collected in himself what other manufacturers considered interesting, it turned out to be a 'hodgepodge' that customers liked. The tenth iPhone was a new idea and a technological breakthrough that set the direction for the production of smartphones.

The design of smartphones testifies to the success of the idea Apple – the Chinese flagship was also equipped with a frameless display and a bang for the speaker and camera. Honor attracts attention with its gorgeous colors – the ultramarine rear panel, which changes shades under the center of illumination, will impress even discerning buyers. This is also a drawback, many people make a choice in favor of the laconic iPhone X. If you compare the characteristics of smartphones, then you start to wonder – who needs the tenth iPhone, if there is such a miracle three times cheaper? In fact, it turned out that Honor is inferior in performance by the same three times. The Chinese HiSilicon Kirin 970, in comparison with the recognized best in the world A11 Bionic, processes information at the speed of a fly crawling in jam. Honor 10 is good for undemanding buyers – that's a fact. Now about the characteristics.

iPhone X Honor 10
5.8-inch display 5.84-inch display
OS – iOS 11 OS – Android 8.1
SIM card type 'nano' – 1 SIM-card type 'nano' – 2
size – 143.6×70.9×7.7 mm, weight – 174 grams Size – 149.6×71.2×7.7, weight 153 grams
Battery capacity – 2716 mAh Battery capacity – 3400 mAh
3 GB of RAM 6 GB of RAM
Dual rear camera – 12 MP, front – 7 Rear dual camera – 16 MP, front – 24
Maximum built-in memory – 256 GB Maximum built-in memory – 128 GB
Protective glass, protection against dust and moisture Protective glass, protection against dust and moisture
No memory card slot No memory card slot
Selfie light modes, portrait mode No portrait mode and lighting features
Fast charging Fast charging
Which is better - iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9?

IPhone 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S9

The Korean company Samsung also produces flagship smartphones, which are not too inferior in cost to the American ones iPhone. The Galaxy S9's design is also bezel-less on the sides, but the bezel remains on the top, albeit smaller. This smartphone is also branded, usually the device is chosen by people who fundamentally do not like it iOS – Samsung is running Android. In favor of Samsung are four luxurious body shades – black diamond, ultraviolet, blue and titanium. There has always been competition between the two companies, as well as cooperation – manufacturers regularly use competing technologies. The 'stuffing' of the flagships is top-notch, so when choosing, it is customary to be guided only by personal preferences. It is logical that the Galaxy S9 will not have 'chips' Apple, including portrait mode and lighting settings.

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first FAS will start another check Apple

The brightness of the smartphone displays is excellent, but the iPhone 10 wins thanks to the improved anti-glare screen coating. But Samsung has a higher pixel density, although you can notice the difference only with a closer examination of the picture in a virtual reality helmet. The Korean is also inferior in performance parameters – if the Honor 10 processor resembled a fly in a jam, then the Samsung processor is closer to a sleepy insect in comparison with the A11. But experts believe there is enough power for everyday use, although 'heavy' games can cause minor problems. And one more important difference – the iPhone 10 is equipped with two cameras on the back cover, the Samsung S9 received only one. The dual camera device appeared only in the older model Samsung Galaxy S9 +. The main characteristics of smartphones are also worth mentioning.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Iphone X
Battery capacity – 3000 mAh Battery capacity – 2716 mAh
Display size – 5.8 inches Display size – 5.8 inches
RAM – 4 GB RAM – 3 GB
Camera – 12MP rear camera, 8MP front Camera – 12MP rear camera, 7MP front
Memory card – up to 256 GB Memory card – missing
SIM-card – 2 SIM card – 1
Size – 147.77×68.7×8.5 mm, weight – 163 grams Size – 143.6×70.9×7.7 mm, weight – 174 grams
Built-in memory – 64 GB Built-in memory – 256 GB
Processor – Snapdragon 845 Processor – A11 Bionic
OS – Android 8.0 Oreo OS – iOS 11
Fingerprint scanner Face ID
Comparison of P20 and iPhone 1

Huawei P20 Pro and iPhone X

Huawei never ceases to amaze customers. The glory of the dual camera iPhone haunts the Chinese, which is why the advanced P20 Pro triple camera smartphone has appeared in the markets. The smartphone is good, it must be admitted – competitors who also run the Android OS, it's time to think about it. Chinese smartphones have ceased to be synonymous with low quality; Huawei is not inferior in performance to Samsung smartphones. And even better, when re-opening background apps, the P20 Pro performed better. The smartphone's three cameras provide pleasant shooting quality in low light conditions. The picture lacks the vividness and contrast of the camera Apple, but otherwise the shooting of images goes to a new level. The processing speed of an image in one frame is not so high, but the finished photo is worth waiting for seconds.

Apple is a well-established brand, but Huawei is only conquering the mass market. The target audience of these smartphones is different, the P20 Pro is aimed at the mass consumer. It attracts the appearance of the device, Huawei prefers brightness and catchy shades. Not all buyers like this decision, so the laconic forms of the iPhone 10 are in fashion for a long time. The display has also lost its bezels, and the 'monobrow' has decreased in size. Huawei claims to squeeze Samsung in the global market for Android smartphones; the flagships are popular with buyers due to their relatively low cost. Now about the differences.

IPhone 10 Huawei P20 Pro
Battery capacity – 2716 mAh Battery capacity – 4000 mAh
Display – 5.8 inches Display – 6.1 inches
RAM – 3 GB RAM – 6 GB
SIM-cards – 1 SIM-cards – 1
Camera – dual rear 12 Mp, front – 7 Mp Camera – 40MP rear triple camera, 24MP front
Shockproof glass – present Shockproof glass – none
Dimensions – 143.6×70.9×7.7 mm, weight – 174 grams Dimensions – 155×73.9 x7.8 mm, weight – 150 grams
Wireless Charging – Supported Wireless Charging – Supported
Processor – A11 Bionic Processor – Kirin 970
OS – iOS 11 OS – Android 8.1
Face ID Fingerprint scanner
IPhone 10 vs iPhone 7 comparison

Comparison of the seventh and tenth iPhone

Metallic iPhone 7 has earned the universal love of users precisely because of the finishing materials. There were no annoying fingerprints on the back, and scratches weren't noticeable, and they didn't appear that often. The seventh model was released in four shades, including rose gold. Calling this smartphone a breakthrough was difficult, but it was the 'seven' that won endless fan loyalty. The familiar design, stable operating system, pleasant-looking shell and good technical equipment made the iPhone 7 a favorite before the release of the 'dozen'. The device was pleasantly in the hand, it looks harmonious even taking into account the Home button and wide frames. But it is the owners of the seventh model who are thinking about switching to the tenth, since technical development has gone far ahead, and the 'seven' objectively loses iPhone 10 in terms of operational parameters.

A comparison of the iPhone 10 and iPhone 7 shows that both smartphones are equipped with a degree of protection against water, which allows the phone to lie at a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes. Users will enjoy extended color gamut and 4K video recording. also for video there is a 'Time Lapse' mode equipped with image stabilization. But the phones do not support the recording of stereo sound, as well as the extended color gamut when recording video. Retina Flash technology and increased color range in Live Photos are available for use. Apple Pay works on both smartphones, as does the voice assistant Siri. Smartphones are equipped with:

  • a three-axis gyroscope;
  • accelerometer;
  • proximity sensor;
  • external light level sensor;
  • barometer.

But the main thing is a lot of differences that make smartphones similar at first glance in different stages of progress.

IPhone 7 IPhone 10
Retina HD display 4.7-inch 5.8-inch Super Reina HD display
Rear camera 12 MP Rear dual camera 12MP
Front camera 7 MP FaceTime 7MP TrueDepth front camera
Touch ID Face ID
Processor – A10 Fusion Processor – A11 Bionic
Fast charging technology not supported Fast charging supported
Two configurations – 32 and 128 GB Two configurations – 64 and 256 GB
LCD IPS Multi-Touch OLED Multi-Touch
HDR not supported HDR supported
Screen – 1334 x 750 with 326 ppi Screen – 2436 by 1125 with 458 pixels per inch
Dimensions – 138.3×67.1×7.1 mm, weight – 138 grams Dimensions – 143.6×70.9×7.7 mm, weight – 174 grams
Lack of neural system Neural system
Optical picture adjustment Dual optical stabilization
5x magnification 10x + double optical zoom
No portrait mode Portrait Mode
Lack of photo lighting modes Photo lighting modes
HDR mode Automatic HDR operation
3x zoom when shooting video 6x zoom when shooting video
Lack of Animoji and Memoji Animoji and Memoji
Lack of Dolby Vision and HDR10 Dolby Vision and HDR10
Battery capacity – 1960 mAh Battery capacity – 2716 mAh
Which is better - Xiaomi MI 8 and iPhone 10

Xiaomi MI 8 and iPhone 10

The Celestial Empire never ceases to delight with affordable smartphones, whose technical characteristics can shock an unprepared buyer. So Xiaomi is not far behind – the flagship MI 8 appeared on the world electronics market, which looks like iPhone 10. Smartphones are so similar that the Chinese are called the 'twin brother' of the device Apple. MI 8 is designed for mass sales, so the price remains affordable. The smartphone has also become the top flagship of the company, so the technical equipment is at the appropriate level. It makes no sense to compare smartphones on Android and iOS – they are designed for different audiences, the workmanship is different, and high numbers on the box in fact turn out to be just numbers.

But this smartphone cannot be called bad – the Chinese tried so hard to copy the functions iPhone 10 that they managed to come up with a couple of new 'chips' of their own. MI 8 is equipped with 3D Face , which does an excellent job. Four body colors are available for purchase – translucent black, regular black, blue and white. The company decided to choose minimalism of forms. Thousands of buyers of the flagship managed to appreciate this. Now let's talk about the characteristics.

Xiaomi MI 8 iPhone 10
Battery capacity – 3400 mAh Battery capacity – 4000 mAh
Display – 6.21 inches Display – 6.1 inches
RAM – 6 GB RAM – 6 GB
Camera – 12MP rear dual camera, 20MP front camera Camera – 40MP rear triple camera, 24MP front
Dimensions – 159.4×74.8×7.6 mm, weight 175 grams Dimensions – 155×73.9 x7.8 mm, weight – 150 grams
Processor – Snapdragon 845 Processor – A11 Bionic
OS – Android 8.1 OS – iOS
Memory – 64/128/256 GB Memory – 64/256 GB
SIM-cards – 2 SIM-cards – 1
Shockproof glass – present Shockproof glass – present
Payment systems – not supported Payment systems – Apple Pay
Face ID 3D Face
Comparison of iPhone 10 with other smartphones

Every year, dozens of smartphones enter the markets, which are similar to each other, like twins – only with different names. The iPhone 10 has become a trendsetter for bezelless displays and bangs, many technologies are used by other brands as well. It is important to understand that even with similar technical characteristics iPhone X remains an indicator of the owner's status, wealth and good taste. The device stands out from the crowd, because not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on a smartphone. Competition in the global market is important, so Android smartphones are available to buyers. What to choose from this variety is up to users to decide for themselves, but it is worth remembering that you have to pay for quality and advanced technologies.

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