Cost iPhone 8 Plus

Every year the cost of new iPhones is growing rapidly. If earlier the flagship was estimated at about 30-40 thousand rubles at the start of sales, now the cost of new products is already approaching 100 thousand. The nice thing is that after a few months they lose about a third of their value. Price iPhone 8 Plus

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The same situation happened with the flagship – iPhone 8 Plus. At the start of sales, it was estimated at 65 thousand for a 64 gigabyte modification. The official website Apple still offers it at the same price. For a modification with 256 gigabytes of memory, you will have to pay 77 thousand rubles.

However, in other stores the phone can be purchased much cheaper. So, many resellers sell it for 57-60 thousand for the 16 GB version and for 70-74 thousand for 256 GB. The cheapest iPhone 8 Plus was found in the Chinese market, which sells it for 54 and 64 thousand.

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