Crash test iPhone X

The latest model iPhone X introduced in September 2017 by the company Apple has a 5.8 “Super Retina display and intelligent Face ID. The system can recognize a face in the dark days or wearing a headdress.The device reacts to gestures, words, glance.

In appearance, the tenth model differs from its predecessors. The back cover iPhone X is made of glass, the sides are made of surgical stainless steel. For previous devices Apple it was made of aluminum. Reinforced glass transmits the signal well, so there are no plastic antenna inserts in the smartphone. The Home button has disappeared from the device.

Crash test iPhone X

To protect against fingerprints and smudges, an oleophobic coating is applied to both glass sides of the case. The steel frame reinforcing the body iPhone X is highly durable and clean. The body of the model is more elongated. The device is available in silver and gray colors.

The OLED – display has an aspect ratio of 18: 9 cm. It has several advantages over the LCD screens of its predecessors. Improved color reproduction, up to 100,000: 1 contrast ratios, natural blacks and an extended color gamut of Display P3 have become the hallmark of iPhone X. Smartphone display is equipped with True Tone technology, which senses ambient light and changes it color temperature automatically.

Crash test iPhone X

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Technical capabilities of the model:

  • battery that can withstand 20 hours of continuous talk on a full charge;
  • wireless charging via a dedicated docking station;
  • vertically positioned dual chamber;
  • Aminoji function – the ability to receive icons of different characters with their own face and voiced.

Protection against water and dust is made according to the IP67 standard. Testing has confirmed that iPhone X has a waterproof case. The first crash test iPhone X showed how it behaves when falling from a height.

What tests iPhone X tested for strength

To test the strength, the model was thrown from a height with and without a case. iPhone X was not injured during a fall from a height of 1 m (approximately from a trouser pocket) onto hard concrete, with and without a case. The device also coped with a height of 1.75 m (average height of a person). The smartphone withstood the fall flat on the display and on the back cover, as well as on the end of the case without problems.

Crash test iPhone X

At the same time, the contents of the device received hidden damage – the sensors of the face recognition system were out of order. The device could not be unlocked. According to the results of the crash test, we can conclude that the tenth model should be used carefully. With all the phenomenal shock resistance of the case of a smartphone, the internal settings can be damaged if dropped. And since the manufacturer announced high prices for non-warranty repair of the contents of the device, a frivolous attitude towards it can result in a large amount of expenses.

Crash test iPhone X

The model also passed the crash test for water permeability. After immersion in water for 30 minutes and soaking in open water, the camera and screen worked without interruption. The smartphone was subjected to an extreme test – it was washed in an automatic machine. The flagship Apple passed the test perfectly. According to the characteristics of the IP67 standard, it can be in water for a long time at a depth of 1.5 m without consequences.

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