DFU recovery mode in iPhone X

DFU for iPhone 10

The company's flagship smartphone Apple of the 10th generation is characterized by increased performance and impressive technical characteristics. Eternal things in the world have not yet been invented, so even high-quality technology tends to break and deteriorate. Manufacturers strongly do not recommend kicking a frozen smartphone; instead of physical impact, they advise to restart the device. Surprisingly, three-quarters of the problems go away after a reboot. iPhone X has three recovery and reboot options – Easy, Recovery Mode, and Device Firmware Update. DFU is considered the last possible option, if this mode does not correct the problem, then the smartphone will have to be carried to the masters.

Why do you need DFU smartphone

DFU is a specially designed system utility that helps you update the installed firmware. If you connect the device to iTunes on the computer, the program will recognize the phone as put into recovery mode. In this mode iPhone most of all resembles a brick – it lies and does not give visible signs of life. The phone will not react to any button press either, and the usual system shell will not be displayed on the display. It rarely comes to using this mode, it is believed that the developers left DFU as a last resort. There are always enough 'craftsmen' trying to reflash a smartphone, so Apple took care of the 'escape routes' in advance – it hurts to buy a new iPhone X because of every error.

DFU mode iPhone X
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This mode will come in handy for owners of jailbroken smartphones, as well as those who want to reflash or update the operating system. One unsuccessful move – and the smartphone will have to be returned to factory settings. The advantage of DFU is that after using it, the wizards from the service centers will not be able to prove that the jailbreak was used. Also, the mode is used for system errors, when the smartphone does not boot in normal mode. DFU will correct the situation if it was not possible to correctly complete the update iOS via iTunes.

How to enable on iPhone X DFU mode

To switch to DFU iPhone X mode, you will have to work hard and carefully study the instructions. Please note – if the 'apple' logo is lit on the screen, then the DFU mode has not turned on on the smartphone. And if the iTunes logo popped up, then the iPhone went into Recovery Mode, which differs in its principle of operation and purpose from Device Firmware Update. The transition to the firmware recovery mode is carried out in five steps.

  1. Use a cable to connect your device to a computer that has the latest version of iTunes installed.
  2. Then quickly press and release the volume up key. The same manipulation is carried out with the volume down key.
  3. Press the side button until the display dims. After that, the side button is clamped together with the volume down key for 5 seconds.
  4. Release the side button and hold the Down key for another 15 seconds.
  5. Wait until the message appears in iTunes about connecting the smartphone in recovery mode. In this case, the display should not turn on, it will remain without logos or wallpapers on the screen.
Transition iPhone X to DFU mode

If the phone lights up or iTunes does not display the device, then the operation will have to be repeated, carefully calculating the seconds. So the owners of the device are encouraged to be patient – the company made a difficult entry into the Device Firmware Update mode on purpose so as not to accidentally trigger a smartphone update. To exit the mode, just pull out the cable iPhone from the computer, and then press the button to turn on the smartphone.

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