Dimensions iPhone X centimeters and ratio to other models Apple

The author of the idea and design of smartphones Apple Steve Jobs believed that iPhones should not grow to the size of tablets with a huge screen. But time takes its toll, in order to compete with other manufacturers in the digital technology market, the company began to produce gadgets with an extended display in a separate series called plus.

The Ten was the first model not to receive a second incarnation. The developers have tried to embody all the requirements of customers in one device. The sizes iPhone X are average compared to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, so there is no need to create a version with a larger screen. Frameless smartphones became fashionable in 2017. Models with a similar design were released by all major digital technology companies, and Apple did not stand aside.

Dimensions Iphone X

Dimensions iPhone X in centimeters and weight in grams

The release of the gadget in the fall of 2017 was expected by hundreds of thousands of fans Apple. The iPhone 10 marked the end of the company's first decade and the beginning of a new one. What can you think of for a solid screen device? But the developers Apple managed to stand out from the others.

The smartphone is a rectangle with rounded edges. The diagonal of the iPhone 10 screen is 5.8 inches, but this does not take into account the rounding. The viewing area is slightly smaller. A distinctive detail of the model is the 'monobrow' – a black notch at the top of the display. The 'bangs' did not appear by chance, here are located camera sensors and Face ID functions.

IPhone 10 Dimensions:

  1. Length – 143.6 mm.
  2. Width – 70.9 mm.
  3. Thickness – 7.7 mm.

iPhone X was released as bezel-less, but the bezels remained, albeit of minimal thickness. At the time of the release of the model, the display was considered large among other iPhones, including the plus series. The iPhone 10 is 0.2 mm thicker than the iPhone 7 and 8, which did not affect the feeling during use. The weight has noticeably increased, by almost 30 g compared to the “eight”.

Weight in grams Iphone X

Screen size iPhone X

The increased screen size iPhone X was made possible by stretching the frames and disappearing the Home button. The company has long predicted getting rid of a single physical key and, starting in 2017, all models will come with a solid touchscreen. Navigating on the phone has become more difficult, but this will have to pay for the updated design.

The iPhone 10 received a screen with a length of 14 cm and a width of 7 cm. The smartphone is larger than the 'seven' and 'eight', but slightly inferior to their 'pluses'. Medium sizes are beneficial, the smartphone is comfortable in the hand, fingers reach all corners of the gadget freely.

The iPhone 10 has a screen-to-body ratio of 81.49%, which is not a record for the 2017 market. The leader in this category was the model from LG, where the indicator is 83, 24%. But the iPhone is traditionally the leader in image quality and resolution.

Iphone X screen size

Screen diagonal

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The iPhone 8 and 8 plus came out together with the 'ten', both models were inferior in terms of technical equipment and design, but won in price. Diagonal iPhone X was 5.8 inches, which is even more than the parameters of the iPhone 8 plus – 5.5 inches.

To understand the true dimensions of the iPhone 10, curious users have done some research. We made comparative diagrams of 2017 models and put them in one row. The results showed that the differences in the diagonal are not as significant as they appear in numbers. Causes of the problem:

  1. A notch at the top of the display, which caused controversy among fans of the Apple technology. Some considered the 'monobrow' to be a highlight of the smartphone, others – a tasteless decision of designers. It is safe to say that the notch 'ate' part of the screen size. If we recalculate the proportion of the visible part, then we get a diagonal of not 5.8, but rather 5.6 inches.
  2. The thin bezels turned out to be not so thin, users expected the complete absence of partitions.

The problem with the iPhone 10's screen is that when you switch to portrait mode, the actual width of the smartphone is 4.7 inches. Due to the notch at the top, the images are displayed in a different format.

These studies have shown that when choosing a smartphone, you should not be guided only by the numbers presented in the description. It is better to always hold the device in your hands before buying, to try it in action when it comes to expensive gadgets from Apple.

Diagonal in inches Iphone X

Screen characteristics

The iPhone 10 received a display with the designation OLED. Even ordinary users find it useful to know what these letters mean, what are the pros and cons of such technology. The Super Retina screen was named by the company Apple the most successful smartphone in existence, including models from other manufacturers. Benefits of display in iPhone 10:

  1. An unprecedented 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio, expanded color gamut and automatic color control bring new insights into screen capabilities. The improvement in performance had a positive impact on the quality of photo and video shooting, until the next generation models were released in 2018, the iPhone X remained the leader in this area. Photos are realistic and clear.
  2. OLED The display is used in digital devices, tablet screens and televisions. But in Apple the technology was brought to internal standards, making the color reproduction accurate.
  3. Unlike LED in OLED technology, pixels emit their own light. This affects the brightness and clarity of the image. It also makes it easier to adjust the backlight intensity based on lighting conditions or smartphone use situations.

For OLED – displays are characterized by a 'burn-in' effect, when the colors shift or lose their characteristics when viewed at an angle. In Athos 10, the company's developers have reduced this minus to a minimum.

The Super Retina display in the 2017 flagship was greeted with bewilderment by many. The fact is that technology is famous for its fragility. After 2-3 years, the radiation level of the pixels decreases, some even fail. To avoid unpleasant situations, the company proposes to update the software in time, enable the 'Auto Brightness' function, which will itself adjust the backlight level.

Iphone x screen specifications

Comparison of dimensions with iPhone 8, 8 Plus, Xs, Xs Max, Xr

The increased diagonal of the iPhone 10 screen, the disappearance of the frames only at first glance seems to be an easy task. In fact, hundreds of engineers have been working on this task for months. The original idea was to completely remove the bezels and make the front end a solid screen, but the idea was never fully implemented. Perhaps the results of the labors of the developers Apple will appear in future models.

Model comparison table:

iPhone X iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus iPhone Xs iPhone 8 Xs Max iPhone 8 Xr
Width (mm) 70.9 67.3 78.1 70.9 77.7 75.7
Length (mm) 143.6 138.4 158.4 143.6 157.5 150.9
Thickness (mm) 7,7 7.3 7.5 7,7 7,7 8.3
Weight (g) 174 148 202 177 208 194

Most critics believe the iPhone 10 has the perfect body and screen size. The iPhone 8 Plus has impressive dimensions, but is such a smartphone comfortable to use? The large display makes it difficult to operate with one hand, and it is difficult for fingers to reach the edges of the device.

And iPhone X fits well in the hand, it is convenient for people with different physiology. In the first months of operation, the 'monobrow' gave users some inconvenience, not all applications, games and images were adapted for the cut in the upper part. Today the problem has been solved, the programs have adapted to the peculiarity of the display.

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