Disassembly iPhone 6S in pictures

Removing the elements of the sixth smartphone model Apple is in many ways similar to removing parts from previous models. Disassembly iPhone 6S begins by removing the display module. After that, the rest of the elements are removed.

Disassembly iPhone 6S: video, in pictures


In the process of work you will need:

  • a screwdriver in the form of a five-pointed star 0.8 mm;
  • Phillips screwdriver 1.5 mm;
  • plastic card or guitar pick;
  • tweezers.
disassembly iphone 6s
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Parsing iPhone 6S is possible without an asterisk. The main thing is to follow the exact instructions, which show how to unscrew iPhone without a screwdriver.

Step-by-step instruction

Disassembly iPhone 6S will be shown in pictures. Follow the recommendations step by step, the elements of the smartphone will not be damaged.

  • Remove the screws at the bottom of the phone.
parsing iphone 6s
  • Pick up the screen from below with a mediator or a card, snap it off.
iPhone 6s disassembly video
  • Lift the display, remove the protective plate with a screwdriver.
disassembly iphone 6s in pictures
  • Disconnect the ribbon cable with tweezers.
Disassembly iPhone 6S: video, in pictures
  • Disconnect the battery from the system board.
Disassembly iPhone 6S: video, in pictures
  • Unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the battery, pull out the adhesive tape.
Disassembly iPhone 6S: video, in pictures
  • Use tools to remove the remaining small parts (if necessary).
Disassembly iPhone 6S: video, in pictures

Attention! If you replace the 'Home' button, the fingerprint scanner will stop working. The manufacturer ties the Touch ID system to the motherboard.

How to disassemble an iPhone: video

Disassembly shown for iPhone 6S. The video demonstrates detailed information and nuances.

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