Disassembly iPhone SE: video

There are dozens of phone repair services in any city, but sometimes it becomes necessary to disassemble the smartphone yourself. Parsing iPhone SE is a difficult task for an unprepared person, but with due diligence it can be solved.

Disassembly iPhone SE: video, photo

Required tools:

To disassemble a smartphone, you need the following tools:

  • Screwdriver-star 0.8 mm;
  • Phillips screwdriver 1.5 mm;
  • A suction cup for repairing phones (if it is not there, it will fit from a soap dish or car holder);
  • Musical pick or bank card;
  • Tweezers.
disassembly iphone se

What if there is no dedicated screwdriver?

If there is no star screwdriver, or is lost, then Disassembly iPhone SE is feasible without it. The screwdriver is interchangeable with a conventional retractable paper cutter. To use a knife, simply bring a sharp angle to the screw and begin to loosen gradually. For more details, see the video:

Disassembly iPhone SE: photo

How to parse iPhone SE? The photos show the stages of solving this problem.

Step 1. Remove the screws from the sides of the charger connector.

parsing iphone se
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Step 2. Attach a suction cup to the center of the screen.

disassembly iphone se video

Step 3. Insert the tip of a pick or bank card into the gap between the glass and the case at the bottom of the smartphone and gently flip off both sides.

parsing iphone se photo

Step 4. Slightly lift the bottom of the screen and disconnect the first ribbon cable from the board.

Disassembly iPhone SE: video, photo

Step 5. Twist the protective plate at the top of the smartphone.

Disassembly iPhone SE: video, photo

Step 6. Disconnect the second ribbon cable and set the display aside.

Disassembly iPhone SE: video, photo

Step 7. After removing the display, access to the rest of the parts opens. Some of them are connected by a loop, the same as the display. Unscrew the elements to be removed depending on your needs.

Disassembly iPhone SE: video, photo

In iPhone, the parts are attached with different screws, pay attention to this and select the correct screwdriver.

Disassembly iPhone SE: video

Complete disassembly shown iPhone SE. The video is descriptive.

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