Disassembly iPhone X: step by step instruction

Unexpected situations happen to smartphones all the time, iPhone X is no exception. An accidental unsuccessful fall – and the phone will have to be carried to the master. If the warranty has already expired, then it is possible to try to fix the smartphone at home, spare parts are easy to find in the original store or on Chinese trading platforms. The main nuance is disassembly iPhone X, so as not to damage or spoil the smartphone, you should follow the step-by-step instructions.

disassembly iphone x

Disassembly tools iPhone X

The smartphone is made of durable and high-quality materials, with careful use the phone will remain in its original form for a long time. The cost of repairs is proportional to the price of a broken phone – you will have to pay $ 300 to replace the screen, and for serious damage the craftsmen require half of the original cost iPhone. Therefore, it is not surprising that customers try to repair the device themselves, and if you have instructions at hand, then parsing iPhone X will not take long. It is even possible to find special tool kits on the market for repairing the tenth model iPhone. Buyers were unhappy with the price tags for repairing the iPhone 10, so the chain was flooded with instructions for disassembling and replacing parts yourself. The main thing is to approach business with the utmost care and patience.

For disassembly, you need a set of tools – it is possible to purchase the whole set or buy the tools separately. When parsing, the following are used:

  • screwdriver model Pentalobe P2;
  • plastic spudger;
  • suction cups or a specialized iSclack device (to gently open the case);
  • tweezers with a pointed tip;
  • metal spudger (also known as a scapula);
  • Tri-Point screwdriver
  • Halberd scapula.

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Naturally, manufacturers iPhone do not recommend opening the phone – such actions lead to loss of warranty. But if you have nothing to lose, then you should use the right tools, and not pick your smartphone with a knife. Sharp objects easily damage the trains, which cannot be replaced without the costly intervention of the master, in addition, you will have to spend money on purchasing components in company stores.

iphone x disassembly tools

Step-by-step instruction

The first step in disassembling a smartphone is to remove the case. The display module attaches to the rear panel with two screws located on either side of the charging port. To unscrew them carefully, you need a Pentalobe P2 screwdriver. It is better to put the cogs in a prominent place so as not to lose. Then you need to take a spudger and gently pry off the lid. If it doesn't work, do not press, but heat the panel. To do this, use an engineering hair dryer or a special device – iOpener. To prevent the lid from slamming shut, you need to put something – a pick will do. Then the other part of the cover is pushed off with a spatula, and the smartphone opens. Only smoothly so as not to damage the train. With a screwdriver, you need to remove the fasteners from the bracket, remove the display cables, and after that the rear panel of the smartphone is completely removed.

Next, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  • remove the bracket, disconnect the cables and remove the camera module with tweezers; iphone x disassembly instruction: bracket
  • unscrew the screws and remove the motherboard with a plastic spudger; iphone x disassembly instruction: screws
  • disconnect the power cable and remove the batteries (you do not need to remove the motherboard for replacement); iphone x disassembly instruction: flex cable
  • disconnect the loop and remove the module containing vibration, shooting and scanning devices with a spudger; iphone x disassembly instruction: batteries
  • next to it is the Taptic Engine module, which also needs to be turned off and pulled out with tweezers; iphone x disassembly instructions: Taptic Engine
  • there will be only a round magnetic plate in the middle – it can be easily removed with tweezers. iphone x disassembly instruction: plate

This completes the parsing of iPhone X. If you repeat this sequence of actions in reverse order, you will be able to assemble the smartphone. There is nothing difficult in the operation, the main thing is accuracy.

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