Discontinued iPhone X

2017 was supposed to be the next evolutionary step in the development of smartphones Apple. Before that, the design had not changed for 5 years, and it is difficult to come up with expressive details for a rectangular device consisting of a single screen. But the company succeeded, the iPhone X stands out from the background of previous models both in terms of appearance and technical characteristics.

Many were surprised by the information that iPhone X was discontinued. Plus, along with the 'top ten', the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, popular in Russia, will disappear from the shelves. The company's managers Apple decided that the smartphone had outlived its usefulness.

Iphone x discontinued

Why is iPhone X being discontinued?

At the annual presentation, the new iPhone XR, XS and XS max were presented on a par with the iPhones 7 and 8. Thus, the company pointed to the leading line of digital devices this and the coming years. Back in the spring, two assumptions appeared on the network why iPhone X is being discontinued:

  1. The question of the appropriateness of using OLED – display. It is claimed that after a year or two of operation, users will begin to notice failures in the color rendering of the screen. Such a breakdown is not included in the warranty list, and changing the flagship smartphone every year is too much.
  2. The start of sales did not live up to expectations. It is the first wave of demand that judges how successful the implementation is. Here, the iPhone X did not exactly fail, but did not live up to the expectations.
  3. But the main reason is the appearance of three models at once iPhone: XR, XS and XS max, which rebuilt the line of gadgets from Apple. In the spring, connoisseurs of iPhones were imbued with rumors about the creation of new smartphones, which were originally planned to be inexpensive, so they stubbornly ignored the top ten.
Why Iphone X is discontinued

The reason why the iPhone 10 is discontinued is understandable. If the 'old' models iPhone 5, 6 and even 7 today belong to the relatively inexpensive category of smartphones of a well-known brand – their cost ranges from 20 thousand to 35 thousand rubles, then iPhone X, in principle, will not be able to fall in price that much. The managers Apple considered that the 'ten' and new models would compete with each other, resulting in a possible sales disruption.

The price of the iPhone X could have been reduced, but that option was not part of the company's plans. All Xs will remain in the expensive segment.

Model failure in China

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One of the main reasons why iPhone X is discontinued is because of the sales failure in China. This market is in demand today for hundreds of corporations, firms of different levels and types of business. Residents of the DPRK are 'tired' of their own digital technology, so the first Athos was accepted with a bang.

But in 2017, the Chinese market unexpectedly showed unprecedented poor sales results. The Chinese refused to buy the flagship, which was a serious blow to Apple.

The failure of the Iphone X in China

Working on bugs

IPhone X breaks all records for smartphone 'obsolescence' Apple. Everyone has long been accustomed to the concept of the company in terms of promoting the replacement of last year's model with a new one, but so that after 10-12 months the gadget is removed from sales – this is the first time.

Prior to this, only the iPhone 5 was stopped in 2013, but then there was a good reason: problems with the loop and the budget iPhone 5 with the same set of functions came out. Popular reviewers have seen the reason the iPhone 10 is being phased out at an exorbitant price. Apple fans were excitedly awaiting 2018 and the release of new, but less expensive models. Suddenly, the company announces three smartphones at once, costing from $ 800 to $ 1000. The failures of the 'tens' did not stop Apple from increasing the price, perhaps the developers decided that the problem lies elsewhere. IPhone X against the background of expensive 2018 models will become more attractive to buyers. To avoid possible competition, the company decided to take appropriate measures in advance.

In addition, information about the imminent disappearance of iPhone X has generated unexpected demand. Thousands of people rushed to buy up sweet leftovers, to become the owner of a smartphone that will no longer appear in stores.

The company is not ditching the iPhone 10 because of technical failures or outdated protocols. This decision was made based on marketing and economic prospects. If you were planning to buy iPhone X, you should hurry up before stocks of smartphones run out in warehouses.

Working on bugs

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