Does a regular user need iPhone 8

Each year the company Apple presents new iPhone models to the public. They always differ from past modifications in the filling, and sometimes also in appearance. True fans of the brand try to immediately acquire a new product for themselves, however, not everyone can afford it. At the moment, the flagship Apple is iPhone 8. It is quite expensive – from 40 to 75 thousand, depending on the modification. Therefore, many users wonder – is it worth buying?

There are different ways to answer this question. It all depends on your financial situation, employment and other factors.

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Does a regular user need iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 has the best hardware on the smartphone market, but no app now requires as much performance as the 8 does. Any program without freezes, glitches and other harmfulness will work even on iPhone 5, which was released back in 2013. Its only problem is that it has small dimensions, but, after all, you can just buy iPhone 6, which practically does not differ in size from the figure eight, and 6S also has no difference in functionality, except the latter has a traditional headphone jack. Therefore, if you have 6 or 6S, it is worth changing your phone only if you have nowhere to put the amount in which it is estimated iPhone 8.

If the user does not have such a problem as lack of money, then the phone can be safely purchased. The device is equipped with many different functions (most of which the user will try only 1-2 times), which you can show off in front of your friends. If a person needs a phone with a great camera, then it is better to get the 8 Plus, which shoots at the level of a DSLR camera.

In general, we can draw the following conclusion: if there is extra money, then why not buy a new product? It makes no sense to buy it if you are using iPhone 6 or something newer and are not chasing innovations, since you will not see a special increase in performance, because the six hardware, as mentioned earlier, is enough for any task.

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