Does iPhone 8 have Face ID

The main feature of the last device at the moment from Apple (iPhone X) is a face scanner – Face ID.

Immediately after the release, many third-party manufacturers began to copy the function without exception, but no one succeeded in achieving such an effect, because a bunch of sensors and sensors are responsible for reading the face in the device, thanks to which the phone recognizes you with glasses, with a beard and other changes.

Does iPhone 8 have Face ID

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Together with iPhone X, another Apple device was shown to the world – iPhone 8. This model is already more similar to what the company released earlier – frames around the display, IPS matrix, Home button and lack of an eyebrow on the upper edge.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus lack a face scanner, although many were convinced that since the phones were shown at the same presentation, they should not differ much.

In fact, everything is completely different – the eight has become an improved version of the seven, and the ten is a new, modern gadget.

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