Does iPhone 8 support wireless charging

The company's developers Apple have made a breakthrough in technology. Users have the opportunity to charge their smartphones quickly and easily. What gadget to choose for the iPhone 8, how wireless charging works, what to do if you have any difficulties – the main questions will be discussed in this article.

iPhone 8: wireless charging - how it works

How does wireless charger for iPhone 8 work and how much does it cost?

Qi wireless charging is the only wireless power transfer solution integrated into smartphones. No special housings or battery covers are required for use. If you are wondering if the iPhone 8 supports wireless charging, and how gadgets interact, learn more about the secrets of the developers. A world without wires, the ability to simultaneously charge multiple devices, as well as use counterparts from third-party manufacturers – the advantages of the Qi standard.

Qi guarantees that gadgets will work with a charging surface that meets this standard, regardless of brand. Place the Qi-compatible device on the surface of the transmitter.

iPhone 8 wireless charging how it works

AirPower – Qi Wireless Charging From Apple

It was Yabloko who developed a platform called AirPower. The world first learned about it in 2017, when the company announced a new development as part of a special event.

In terms of design, the new battery does not differ much from many similar designs on the market. The Qi transmitter from Apple AirPower is an induction mat that allows you to charge three devices at the same time from Apple. Connect the cable to the charging platform that will connect AirPower to the mains.

Does iPhone 8 support wireless charging

Does iPhone 8 support the new standard?

For the iPhone, such transmitters have already been released, but a special case was required. Since the eighth generation, gadgets have been equipped with a special glass panel with the Qi standard. If you've wondered before if the iPhone 8 supports wireless charging or not, now you know for sure that the answer is yes.

which wireless charger is suitable for iphone 8

Features of analogues from third-party brands

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If you don't know which wireless charger is suitable for iPhone 8, use any device. Since Apple uses open Qi technology in new devices, most of the charging structures will fit the iPhone. Please note that the innovative transmitter for iPhone 8 is not only suitable for a phone or smartphone. It can also be used for tablets, cameras and music players. Wireless charging for iPhone X works in a similar way.

iPhone 8 supports wireless charging

How much is?

The iPhone 8 supports wireless charging, but the solution from the branded manufacturers will cost a lot. It is expected that the AirPower price from Apple will be 7,000 rubles. Analogs from third-party manufacturers cost 4,500 rubles.

is there wireless charging for iPhone 8

Features at work

If you have a new iPhone 8, how wireless charging works won't be a problem. You will learn how to use this transmitter as soon as you read the annotation. Leave the technical details to the programmers and physicists. In short, the charging structure functions by transforming electromagnetic waves, which are transferred to the battery as electricity.

Among the advantages is the ability to charge the gadget in public places, such as restaurants or airports. The latest car models have a separate compartment for a portable battery.

As for the disadvantages, there are several of them:

  • The device cannot be used while charging. Incoming messages can be checked, but you will have to wait with games or watching videos.
  • A thick case may interfere with charging. With an incoming call, the phone will move from its place and the process will be interrupted.
  • A portable Qi battery is not a replacement for your Lightning cable.
  • The docking station will not allow copying files from iPhone to your PC.
what kind of charging does an iPhone 8

How to charge fast?

It is easier to charge the gadget with a native 5-watt charging structure, but you can also use the option without a cable. Fast Charge iPhone 8 lets you charge your battery up to 50% in half an hour using the Apple USB-C / Lightning cable. The gadget will take longer to charge wirelessly.

wireless charger for iphone 8 how it works

Can the battery be damaged?

In theory, yes, because the structure generates additional heat. Thermal effects will shorten the life of the battery. Apple assures that the smartphone software will be able to understand when it will be necessary to stop the recharging process before cooling down.

iphone 8 fast charge function

So is it worth using?

So, we answered the question of whether there is wireless charging for the iPhone 8 and how to use the gadget. Use if flaws do not matter to you. But finally, you shouldn't give up the native power supply unit yet.

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