Does it make sense to fly for iPhone X to Hong Kong

In Russia, many lovers of products Apple are not satisfied with the cost of a new iPhone X, so they are looking for an opportunity to purchase it at a cheaper price, for example, to go shopping in another country. Especially often you hear about low prices on iPhone X Hong Kong.

To find out if this is the case, you can visit the official websites Apple for each country. Having found out the prices, we add the cost of the flight, tax charges and the exchange rate of the national currency at the time of the possible trip.

Does it make sense to fly for iPhone X to Hong Kong

Cost overview iPhone X in Hong Kong and other countries

First you need to find out how much the X version costs in different countries:

  • the highest prices in Hungary, Denmark and Italy;
  • the cheapest are in the USA, Japan and Hong Kong; representatives of the ‘gray’ market in Russia prefer to fly to Hong Kong for consignments.

The main factor affecting the cost of a flight is distance. Accordingly, tickets to Mexico, Australia and New Zealand are more expensive than other countries.

The cheapest tickets are to European countries such as Finland, Austria and Germany (the selection took into account the prices for 1 person in economy class in both directions).

Important! Ticket prices are constantly changing, so it is imperative to check prices before deciding on a trip.

Does it make sense to fly for iPhone X to Hong Kong

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The most unprofitable iPhone trip is to Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. The main rise in price in this case comes from the same expensive flight.

The shorter distance makes it profitable to buy a new gadget in Germany, Switzerland and the UAE. Note that additional travel costs are not included here. For example, the cost of living for 1 night, meals, public transport services. Taking into account all these items of expenditure, the total travel costs increase significantly.

In these options, only:

  • air flight to the country;
  • visiting the center Apple Store;
  • purchase iPhone X (provided that it is in stock);
  • return to the airport;
  • waiting for the flight.

Various European countries refund sales tax, and in the United States, some states do not use it at all.

In order to profitably buy iPhone X or any other ‘apple’ products abroad on your own, you cannot go on a trip at random. It is important to think over all the nuances in advance, paying special attention to tax conditions. As an example, consider the 5 most popular destinations: 1 US state and 4 Eurozone states:

  • Delaware – no tax;
  • Berlin (Germany) – 10% refund;
  • Brussels (Belgium) – 21% refund;
  • Geneva (Switzerland) – 7% return;
  • Madrid (Spain) – 10% refund.

Does it make sense to fly for iPhone X to Hong Kong

Which country is most profitable to buy iPhone X

After a thorough analysis of all information related to this issue, it was possible to find out that taking into account all the parameters (flight cost, VAT, prices, etc.), you can only save on the purchase iPhone X in Brussels or the UAE. This is due to the low price of the ticket, as well as refund or complete absence of VAT.

However, even in this case, the picture does not look too optimistic. The fact is that the resulting benefit is only a couple of hundred rubles. If you add at least food, then all the gains from the purchase will have to be neutralized.

It is advisable to fly to another country for a new iPhone X only if this product is completely absent from the Russian retail network. The cost iPhone can be cheaper than the flight. Also, it will be a profitable purchase abroad if the main purpose of the trip is something else, for example, when you are flying to relax.

Under all other conditions, it is more profitable and much easier to purchase the desired gadget in domestic official stores.

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