Does not turn on iPhone 5, 5S – what to do?

Even respect for a smartphone will not make it eternal. If you have owned the device for more than three years (and the iPhone 5 line began to be produced in 2013 and was discontinued in 2016), then it is not surprising that some components of the device begin to malfunction. If your iPhone 5s has turned off and does not turn on, what to do when water gets into it and how to turn on the iPhone 5 without using the buttons, we will tell you in our article. It is easy to fix software failures yourself, while it is difficult to repair the hardware at home, and therefore it is better to fix such failures in a service center with the hands of professionals.

Disconnected and won't turn on iPhone 5S, 5 - what to do?

Breakage symptoms

Both software and hardware problems manifest themselves in different ways. Symptoms may be similar regardless of the source of the problem. A sudden screen shutdown, unresponsive buttons, intermittently freezing applications can be the result of a dozen different reasons. Below we will try to describe in detail the typical signs of possible malfunctions, we will describe the reasons why the iPhone 5 s does not turn on, what to do if the device constantly freezes.

iPhone 5 s does not turn on what to do

Black screen

A lifeless screen is not always associated with a malfunctioning smartphone. Make sure your phone is charged first. A 'worn out' battery can incorrectly inform the user about the remaining charge or discharge quickly. Connect your iPhone to a charger or a USB port on your computer and wait 10 to 15 minutes. If the smartphone does not turn on (and you are sure that the charging is working properly), then it is worth performing a 'hard' reboot of the device. If there is no response, 'find' the device via iTunes and restore. If this does not work out, then most likely the matter is in the failure of the hardware of the smartphone. In this case, it is better to contact the service center for professional diagnostics.

iPhone 5 won't turn on

Doesn't respond to buttons

Moving mechanical parts iPhone 5 (Home button, power key) also begin to malfunction over time. Both the loops and contacts of the mechanism and the failure of the software can be guilty. Try restarting your phone with Assistive Touch. The function is enabled in the settings in the 'Universal access' item. If the restart did not help, then you will need to replace the broken button at the service center.

how to turn on iPhone 5

Application hung

Even original programs Apple freeze from time to time, and what can we say about hundreds of third-party applications. If the iPhone hangs 'tightly' and the standard slider does not appear when you press the power button, then a 'hard' restart of the device will certainly help. Recall the sequence:

  • Hold down the Home and Power keys at the same time.
  • Wait for the device to turn off (10-15 seconds), but do not release the buttons after turning off.
  • Wait for the logo to appear Apple and start downloading iOS.
how to turn on iPhone 5s

Hangs on boot

Another type of software problem is the smartphone freezing when turned on. The backlight turns on (the screen brightens), or the logo Apple appears for a while, but then it disappears and the display remains black. Nothing else happens and iOS is not loaded. In this case, the sequence of actions is standard: hard reboot, restore via iTunes, restore from DFU mode.

iPhone 5s turned off and does not turn on what to do

After update

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If the phone stopped turning on immediately after installing the firmware, regardless of whether it ended with errors or not, then update the device again. In difficult cases, if the phone refuses to work with the new firmware, restore the last working one on which it was loaded. To do this, first download the required version from the official website Apple and on the main screen of iTunes, before clicking the 'Restore iPhone …' button, hold down the Shift key. The program will open a standard file selection dialog, in which it will offer to select the downloaded file.

Disconnected and won't turn on iPhone 5S, 5 - what to do?

After the fall

If your iPhone 5 does not turn on after it fell, then the reason is most likely related to physical breakdowns of the internal components of the device. Even if there are no cracks or chips on the case or screen itself, there is no guarantee that nothing has been damaged inside the phone. It makes no sense to list the elements of the device that can fail due to a shock. It is difficult to establish the exact cause of smartphone malfunctions in this case, so it is better to contact the service center, where they will make a complete diagnosis of the device.

Disconnected and won't turn on iPhone 5S, 5 - what to do?

After drowning

Damage to smartphones due to contact with moisture is not the last in the list of reasons for contacting the service. Even brief contact with water or being in a very humid place can damage the contacts and conductive paths inside the phone. In addition, please note that models iPhone 5 and 5S are not waterproof. If the smartphone, after contact with moisture, began to work incorrectly or completely refuses to turn on, then a visit to the service center cannot be avoided. In this case, a comprehensive cleaning of the contacts damaged by oxidation is necessary, and in difficult cases, the restoration of the motherboard tracks that have undergone electrochemical corrosion. It is really difficult to eliminate the possible consequences of drowning on your own.

Disconnected and won't turn on iPhone 5S, 5 - what to do?

Eternal apple mode

Let us mention another type of symptom of software problems with a smartphone – a situation when, when turning on or restarting, the owner of the device sees only the logo Apple, without further reaction of the phone. Sometimes, after installing a new firmware or after restoring via iTunes (especially from DFU mode), the smartphone does not boot immediately. Internal diagnostics and additional optimization can delay the launch of the operating system. At this time, nothing happens on the screen, only the 'apple' shines. Just in case, wait a few minutes, if after 5-10 minutes nothing happens, then there is a problem with the download iOS. Try to consistently make a 'hard' reboot of the device, restore in standard mode via iTunes and, if this does not help, reflash via DFU mode.

Disconnected and won't turn on iPhone 5S, 5 - what to do?

New firmware required

Unstable operation of the smartphone, constant freezes and refusal to turn on can signal that the phone's firmware is outdated. If you ignore updates, then sooner or later software changes will reach critical mass and services Apple will stop working. So if you haven't updated your smartphone for a long time, then the first step should be to install the latest available firmware. Connect to a computer with iTunes installed and update.

Disconnected and won't turn on iPhone 5S, 5 - what to do?

Fake phone

The Five became the company's most popular model Apple. Not surprisingly, there are many fakes on the market. Replicas of varying quality can still be found on sale today. Counterfeit iPhones cannot boast of stable operation and correct support for the services provided by the company Apple. Of the signs by which you can distinguish a fake, we highlight the following:

  • plastic case;
  • smaller screen;
  • the presence of a USB port on a smartphone;
  • on the logo Apple the apple is 'bitten' on the wrong side (on the original logo the 'bite' is on the right), or there is no logo at all;
  • support for memory cards or a second SIM card;
  • operating system Android.

If you are unlucky and you become the owner of a fake phone, all you have to do is try to return the phone to the seller or contact law enforcement agencies.

Disconnected and won't turn on iPhone 5S, 5 - what to do?

How to enable iPhone 5, 5S

How to turn on iPhone 5s if it does not turn on in the standard way? Try using a charger or computer. When power is applied, the smartphone is automatically activated. To turn on the iPhone, just plug the charger into the network, or connect it with a USB cable to a computer. A preliminary hard reset of the phone may be required.

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