Doesn't charge iPhone 7, 7 Plus: what to do

Here is one of the most common breakdowns of any smartphone. Let's analyze various situations with the gadget, answering the question: why the iPhone 7 is not charging, what to do? Some of the problems are solved at home, others require replacement of parts in the SC. Let's get started.

iPhone 7 does not charge what to do

7 reasons for no charge

why the iPhone 7 is not charging

In 95% of cases, the snag lies in physical breakdowns, but occasionally the power does not go due to software problems. Take a look at all the options in more detail:

1. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus does not charge well due to firmware

The situation is rare because Apple quickly updates devices. It often occurs with new models under development, or immediately after downloading fresh software. Sometimes the device won't charge due to the installation of third-party apps. Choose one of the options what to do in this case:

  1. Go to settings and update (you need a good internet connection).
  2. Reset device configuration to factory state.
  3. Contact the service center for help. All normal SCs today are engaged in device firmware.

If the iPhone 7 Plus does not charge the battery after many months of stable operation, then, most likely, the matter is in mechanical breakdowns. They are described below.

iPhone 7 plus won't charge

2. Defective cable

The wire bends from movement. Over time, damage will inevitably form in it. Try moving the cable at the input and output to identify the defect. Connect another accessory. Please note that the headphones may work properly. You should also connect the wire to another device. Sometimes it is worth unclogging ports – they will generate debris. If everything is fine with the cord, then the matter may be in charging the iPhone. You can find out more about why iPhone does not charge from charging in a separate article.

iPhone 7 does not charge, power is on and the charge does not increase

3. Broken adapter for model 7, 7 Plus

Here everything is similar to the case with the wire. You need to test your smartphone by connecting it to another device. If it functions and the charge is on, then our adapter is broken. In this case, it is enough to buy a new element, preferably an original one. The average service life of third-party models from China is 2-3 months, in addition, they can harm the gadget. Usually, the cable is interrupted for budget options, which is easy to notice. He starts to close.

iPhone 7 is not charging

4. The contact is gone, the loop is burned out

This happens for three reasons:

  1. Mechanical damage (falls, shocks).
  2. Natural wear and tear.
  3. Water ingress.

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Each of the actions is capable of inflicting defects on the contacts, due to which the energy in the apparatus will cease to be replenished. In the case of liquid penetration under the housing, it is necessary to inspect and clean, since even small drops cause overloads and new breakdowns.

does not charge iPhone 7 from charging

5. How do you know if the battery has stopped working?

You will face two defects. Take a look at them:

  1. The indicator does not react at all.
  2. IPhone 7 Plus does not charge, power is on, and the charge does not increase.

Both situations are possible with the model of the basic format and variations with the Plus subscript. The same symptoms occur with the next breakdown.

iPhone 7 plus won't charge

6. Burnout of the power controller

This is a part installed on the motherboard. It regulates voltage and other parameters. When it breaks down, a situation is observed when the energy does not increase or the charge goes slowly. Replacement requires the hands of a professional craftsman and the presence of equipment for soldering.

Why is it not charging iPhone 7, 7 Plus: what to do

7. Checking the connector in the device

If debris has accumulated in it, clean it. If there is damage, the device is disassembled, the component is changed.

You will see the blockages with the naked eye. Cleaning must be done carefully, maintaining the integrity of the contacts. Use soft plastic or wooden sticks. In SC for these purposes, special sprays in cylinders are used. They are sold in specialized stores.

Why is it not charging iPhone 7, 7 Plus: what to do

Check out the video on home prevention:

Fix it yourself or contact the SC?

If you have found out why the battery of the iPhone 7 is not charging, and found that it is not about the accessories, then you will hardly be able to do the repair. Smartphones from Apple come in a glued case. A special heater is used to open it, and a vacuum press to close it. This is expensive equipment, the purchase of which is not profitable. It is best to order diagnostics of the device in the SC, and only then decide whether to repair it or not.

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