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If you have lost your iPhone, then you should not immediately panic. The company Apple was one of the first to take care of a function that allows you to find a gadget or lock it so as not to lose important data. It is available not only on smartphones Apple, but also on PCs. Our article about the capabilities of the program and how to download the application to find an iPhone on your computer for free.

Download the program Find iPhone on your computer for free for Windows

general description

Find iPhone uses geolocation to set the iPhone's location and allows you to find it on the map. When you enable the function on your smartphone, you can track your iPhone from any device on which this program is installed. Apple ID is required to activate tracking and other functions. You can install the program both on mobile devices Apple, or download to find an iPhone on your computer.

download find iphone to computer

Key features

The application provides the owner iPhone with a number of functions for any situations related to the loss of the device. Let's list the main ones:

  • Determining the location of the iPhone.
  • Sound playback if the smartphone is nearby (for example, it disappeared somewhere in the apartment).
  • Remote blocking.
  • Displaying a specific message on the iPhone lock screen.
  • Drawing up a route to the location of the gadget on the map.
download the program to find an iPhone on a computer for free

The application is distributed freely, so you can download the program to find an iPhone on your computer for free.

Latest version

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Updates usually contain support for new versions iOS and the latest models of gadgets. The current version requires an operating system at least iOS 8, and family access is also implemented.

download the app to find an iPhone on your computer for free

Questions and answers

Although the program's interface is intuitive, users sometimes have difficulties. Here we have collected some questions about the 'Find iPhone' program.

How to set or change a password

The function can be locked with a password. For this:

  • go to the 'Settings' menu;
  • select 'General';
  • click 'Password Protection';
  • set or remove the passcode.
download find iphone on computer for windows

How to download the program for Windows

Unfortunately, you cannot download to find an iPhone on your computer for Windows, since the program is not supplied for it. Use the iCloud app for Windows, or go to and launch the app in a browser window.

download program find iphone

Is it possible to find an iPhone if the function is not activated

No, if the 'Find iPhone' function is not activated, then the program will be useless. Only after enabling the corresponding service on the mobile device, the functionality of the application will become available to you. In case the program does not work, the article 'How to find an iPhone' will be useful to you.

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