Efficiency iPhone X in the cold

Despite the fact that at the official presentation iPhone X was positioned as an innovative development of the company Apple, this smartphone is not without a number of operational drawbacks. The main problem faced by the buyers of the device is that iPhone X in the cold partially or completely stops responding to the user's touch commands, and after a long exposure to subzero temperatures it turns off altogether. Also, many users note that the touch screen stops responding to touch if the smartphone has been in the cold for a long time.

Efficiency iPhone X in the cold

The problem is typical for the inhabitants of Europe, most of whose population lives in regions where the climate is far from the mild winter of Silicon Valley.

Why is the iPhone X screen not working in cold weather and how to fix it?

If you notice that your iPhone X does not work in the cold or works with delays, do not despair. The manufacturer's support service recognizes that the smartphone display may temporarily not respond to your actions after a long stay outside in sub-zero temperatures. If you contact technical support, you will hear that the device is designed to operate at temperatures above 0 ° C, which is considered the norm for many smartphones, including flagships.

Efficiency iPhone X in the cold

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Most of us carry our phone in a pocket or bag, which is more than hot enough for the screen to function properly. In most cases, the display iPhone X only stops working if the phone is exposed to air for a long time. Also, problems with the responsiveness of the sensor are observed with a sharp change in temperature, for example, if you leave a warm room in the cold. In this case, the smartphone may fail for a few seconds.

The official website Apple does not provide any useful information about the temperature at which it is not recommended to use the device and what is the reason for this problem. Only the support service can offer solutions to the problem. It was there that the first dissatisfied customers began to contact, after which they spread the method on how to solve the problem with the responsiveness of the screen. To do this, it is enough to update the operating system to version iOS 11.2, and also try not to use the smartphone for a long time in the cold.

Efficiency iPhone X in the cold

The manufacturer nevertheless admitted the flaw and promised that he would fix all the shortcomings associated with the software part. As for the hardware part, here users are recommended to use the phone in the cold as carefully as possible, trying to avoid active loads at temperatures below 0 ° C.

Users of smartphones with an updated version of the operating system practically do not face the problem of a lack of sensor response at low temperatures. However, experts do not recommend experimenting with extreme operation iPhone X, since the device, like all equipment Apple, requires delicate handling.

The majority of users iPhone, judging by the numerous posts on thematic forums, consider time delays when working in the cold as a minor drawback. In addition, it does not appear on all devices, and when the software is updated, it disappears altogether.

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