Energy saving mode iPhone

Energy saving mode iPhone

Probably, many owners of apple smartphones have noticed that at some moments the indicator of the remaining battery charge can change its color and turn yellow. Such changes mean that the iphone power saving mode is activated. In this article, we will talk about the main features of the mode, as well as how to return the usual charge indicator.

What is iphone power saving mode

Power saving mode on iPhone allows you to increase the battery life of your apple smartphone from one to three hours. This is achieved by reducing device performance, disabling some visual effects, and background software updates and email checking.

Users can manually enable power saving mode. To do this, just go to Settings – Battery and activate the switch opposite the Power saving mode item.

Energy saving mode iPhone

The mobile device can also independently prompt users to activate the iphone power saving mode in the event that the battery charge iPhone drops to 20% and 10%.

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It should be noted that there is no such mode on iPad. Apple felt that it would not be useful for tablet owners who often use such devices at home, where the gadget can be easily recharged.

How to disable power saving mode

Disabling the power saving mode and returning the battery indicator to the usual color is quite simple. There are actually two ways for users.

The easiest thing is to go to Settings – Battery and deactivate the power saving mode.

Also, users can simply connect iPhone to the network and wait until the smartphone battery is charged more than 80% – in this case, the power saving mode will turn off automatically.

Energy saving mode iPhone Energy saving mode iPhone

Separately, we note that the energy-saving mode on iPhone is a fairly effective method that allows you to extend the battery life of the apple gadget. If desired, users can use it 'in conjunction' with other simple methods – such as disabling wireless interfaces, dimming, etc.

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