Error 'iPhone is disconnected, please connect to iTunes'

Each error notification that appears in the system always alarms and introduces a huge number of users into a state of panic. If any warning occurs, you must first find out the cause of the failure, because nowadays every problem has an objective solution.

Error 'iPhone is disconnected, please connect to iTunes'

The main reasons for the appearance of this notification may be:

  • Incorrectly entered username or password from Apple ID.
  • In case of theft of the phone, when trying to access a mobile device.

To avoid such situations, it is best to write down the password for Apple ID somewhere, but so that access to these records can be obtained at any time.

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If an iPhone user sees a warning on his gadget that his phone is turned off and he is advised to connect to iTunes, then he needs to reset the password until the iPhone turns off.

You can reset your password like this:

  1. Connect computer and smartphone via USB cable.
  2. Hold home key until 'Recovery Mode' starts.
  3. Go to iTunes and click on the 'Ok' icon. Error 'iPhone is disconnected, please connect to iTunes'
  4. Select a restore point and system update.
  5. When prompted, accept the terms. Error 'iPhone is disconnected, please connect to iTunes'

This method will restore the smartphone to its original settings, but if you created a backup before then this is not the biggest problem.

You can also reset the number of invalid attempts and still try to remember the password:

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer.
  • Log in to iTunes.
  • In the app on the desired device, tap the sync action.
  • In the course of the process, stop synchronization by clicking on the cross.

If you follow the instructions and basic rules for working with the device, then the notification that the iPhone is turned off and you need to connect to the iTunes application will never scare you.

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