Experts told how to protect iPhone from hacking

The experts told.  how to protect iPhone from hacking

Unfortunately, the owners of “apple” technology often become victims of malefactors. As it turned out, even iCloud is not a panacea if you are hacked or your smartphone stolen. Cybercriminals have learned to bypass the system.

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Experts talked about 3 ways to help protect your iPhone from hacking. First, never save passwords in iCloud and get into the habit of creating different keys to different data and social media accounts. Believe me, this will definitely complicate the task for hackers.

Secondly, experts recommend that owners of “apple” gadgets change their passwords regularly – ideally, do it once a quarter.

And, finally, the third rule – the new password must be different from the previous ones. Also, choose keys that are at least ten characters long. All this seems rather confusing, but safety, as we know, is above all.

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