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The flagship smartphone of the Apple company has received innovative status due to numerous features that have not been presented in any one before iPhone. The phone pleases customers with an updated design, redesigned camera and stereo sound. But the main thing is the interesting features of the iPhone 10, which made the smartphone the leader in the global electronics market. Therefore, buyers are wondering what is the difference between iPhone X and previous models.

IPhone 10 features

Face ID

The familiar Touch ID has been replaced by a new generation of secure authentication – unlocking a smartphone using your own face. Face ID facial recognition technology consists of a sensor associated with a camera located at the top of the display. The technology is based on the operation of a number of infrared devices and a point projector. The sensor reads the model of the face, the processor composes a mathematical image that the smartphone compares with a given photograph of the owner.

How do I use Face ID?

How to use

To unlock iPhone 10 using Face ID, you need to follow three simple steps:

  • press your finger on the display to wake up the phone from sleep mode;
  • look at the front camera located at the top of the screen;
  • the lock icon will change to open, then you will have to swipe up from the bottom of the display to release the lock.

These actions will work if the smartphone is configured to unlock the smartphone using Face ID technology – you can enable or disable this function iPhone X in the phone settings.

Can I use Face ID with glasses?

Use with glasses or scarf

IPhone 10 is hard to steal. The fact is that Face ID is an evolving and trainable technology that can recognize the owner even with sunglasses on. Moreover, the technology will appeal to girls – Face ID recognizes beautiful owners with updated hair color and changed makeup. Even a scarf will not interfere with facial recognition, and men can wear or shave off their beards.

use in a scarf

Change to a digital password

If the owner of the smartphone is not satisfied with Face ID, then the function can be disabled. To maintain security, it is recommended to replace the face authentication with a specified password. To configure you need:

  • open the 'Settings' parameter in the menu;
  • go to the 'Face ID and passcode' section;
  • press the toggle switch that translates to the value 'on. password';
  • enter the invented password;
  • confirm the selected password.

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pros to ship first Apple ready to start production iPhone 12

The user also has access to the 'Password parameters' function, where it is possible to set a code from any number of digits, as well as use letters.

How do I replace Face ID with a digital passcode?


Animoji is a fun iPhone X feature that only works in the Messages app. User '10' now has the ability to send animated emojis that mimic the sender's facial expression. It is possible to add music to the message, as well as send the message in the form of a snapshot or video file. There are several popular 'emoticons' available to choose from for recording, which will help to accurately describe the mood of the smartphone owner.

New Features iPhone X

Portrait selfie mode

The 'Portrait' mode was announced in previous versions iPhone, but only in the tenth model did the function start working with the front camera for selfies. There are five lighting modes available:

  • natural daylight;
  • contour lighting;
  • stage colored light;
  • stage black and white light;
  • studio lighting.

This mode is not just filters for photos, but real-time analysis of the degree of illumination of an object.

IPhone X portrait features

Optical image stabilization

The increase in the quality of shooting dictates new rules. Therefore, there is improved optical stabilization when taking photos, helping to capture clear images even on the go or in a shaking train car. The function prevents the camera from shaking in motion, so even in difficult conditions, high-quality photos are obtained. Stabilization was present in early models as well, but in the top ten the function has reached a new level.

Image Stabilization iPhone 10

Super Retina display

The tenth model iPhone was equipped for the first time AMOLED – a Super Retina display. The pixel density is 458 per inch, the image is transmitted at a quality of 2436 by 1125 pixels. Full immersion in a game or movie is provided by an impressive 5.8-inch display, stretched entirely onto the front panel due to the disappearance of the Home button.

The tenth iPhone is a breakthrough in the mobile market. The Chinese are trying their best to copy the device, but they cannot achieve such a variety of functions and high quality, so the company's smartphones Apple will remain an indicator of good taste and wealth of the flagship owner. An improved battery, a lot of gestures to control the interface, a high degree of protection against water and damage – the smartphone has so many advantages that it is impossible to remain indifferent to this technological miracle.

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