Green bar at iPhone X

The use of the OLED – display in iPhone X was for Apple the first breakout of this type of matrix. All the time before this event, apple gadgets were equipped with an IPS matrix that reproduces natural colors, for which many appreciated it so much. However, otherwise it is significantly inferior to its competitor.

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Naturally, the introduction of the new technology simply could not go smoothly – almost four dozen users after purchasing iPhone X fell victim to the 'green bar'. This anomaly appeared out of nothing anywhere and ran across the entire length of the screen. There was no way to get rid of it: a reboot, reset and recovery did not lead to anything.

In Apple this bug was dropped on the firmware. Most likely, this is the reason that took place, because after the updates, the band did not appear on anyone, and the buggy devices were simply replaced by users with new ones.

Green bar at iPhone X

Of course, there is a possibility that the essence of the problem was hidden in the matrix itself, because a similar situation was with the Samsung Galaxy S7, which has a similar display. In this case, the Cupertinians quickly hurried in advance and fixed everything, since no one else has a similar problem.

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