Hidden features and capabilities iPhone 5S

Several years have passed since the release of iPhone 5S (release date 2013). Since then, new models iPhone have been developed that have great potential. But many people buy 5S on the secondary market because it is still relevant and not so expensive. But few know that there are also hidden features of the iPhone 5s.

Features iPhone 5S: hidden, secret features

Hidden features and capabilities iPhone 5S

Many smartphone users are unaware that it has the secret features of the iPhone 5S, which can be used for more comfortable work.

Hidden features of Touch ID

The built-in fingerprint scanner is an alternative to the usual access to a smartphone using a PIN code (password). The digitized fingerprint is stored directly in iPhone 5S. The user can choose between unlocking the smartphone by finger identification or pin code.

Technology Apple ID can be used for authorization in parallel with scanning a fingerprint. Fingerprint identification is used in services App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store. Developers did not rely solely on fingerprint identification technology. The ability to enter a PIN code after three unsuccessful fingerprint authentication attempts is retained. It is also used to unlock after reboot, disconnection and long inactivity of the smartphone (more than 48 hours).

iPhone 5s capabilities

Hidden low light shooting capabilities

The iPhone 5S focuses on the camera for photography and videography. Manufacturers have taken into account the fact that most smartphone users use devices for taking photos and videos. In the cameras of its predecessors, photos in low light turned out to be fuzzy and not very high quality.

The innovative iSight camera eliminates this disadvantage. Good low-light performance is achieved due to the larger sensor and F2.2 optics. An interesting fact is that the resolution remains the same – 8 megapixels. But the main feature that allows you to increase the quality of photos in low light is the sophisticated technology of the two flash LEDs working together. Due to the different intensity and shade of the glow, high clarity of the picture is achieved in poor light. The technology allows you to select one of thousands of combinations to achieve high-quality images, depending on the lighting conditions.

Plus, useful secret features of the iPhone 5S include burst shooting at 10 frames per second. It allows you not to rely on human capabilities, but to select the highest quality images from a series of images. Hidden features include 120fps slow motion in HD quality. It allows you to capture the movement of fast objects.

hidden features of iPhone 5s

Features iPhone 5S: hidden, secret features

Hidden battery capabilities

The battery capacity has been increased by 10% compared to its predecessor iPhone 5. It is 1570 mAh (5.96 Wh). Which for 2013 was quite a good value. The increase allows the smartphone to stay in standby mode for about 24 hours longer (data according to the manufacturer's calculations Apple).

The user can use the smartphone for 10 hours for talking over 3G, surfing the Internet in LTE and Wi-Fi, watching video information. On such a charge, you can listen to audio recordings for forty hours. It should be noted that these indicators do not apply to the Chinese counterparts of the iPhone 5S, which lose their charge much faster.

iPhone 5s Secret Features

Hidden software features

Added iWork and iLife apps in iPhone 5S. These are whole software packages. IWork software is represented by Numbers (working with spreadsheets), Pages (word processing), Keynote (creating presentations). The iLife package includes the multimedia programs iPhoto (work with snapshots), iMovie (video editing of clips).

These hidden iPhone 5 features can be purchased at App Store.

But owners of new iPhone 5S get these packages for free. They can be downloaded when you first launch the online store. The branded set includes podcasts, iBooks, iTunes U, as well as programs from the iWork and iLife packages.

hidden features of iPhone 5

Background image in body color – a little secret iPhone 5S

An interesting and pleasant moment is the default setting of the screen background color similar to the body color. Models iPhone 5S have cases in 'Gold & White', 'Space Gray', 'White & Silver'. This opportunity was liked by many smartphone owners. If necessary, you can change the color of the background image to a different one, as well as adjust the design parameters.

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The smartphone from Apple iPhone 5S in 2013 was one of the most popular on the market. Today, many users purchase it on the secondary market. After all, it is still relevant and quite productive.

Functionality iPhone 5S

At the time of release, the smartphone boasted one of the best 64-bit processors. The build included a fingerprint sensor, an improved camera that was a real innovation at the time and was pretty fast. The functionality of the iPhone 5 S was significantly expanded by the operating system iOS 7, which was developed specifically for it. You may also be interested to know how the hierarchy iOS has evolved for iPhone 5S.

The features of this version of the smartphone include a simplified identification method. Touch ID technology identifies the user by fingerprint.

functions iphone 5s

Processor capabilities

The 5S A7 processor unit iPhone is approximately twice the capabilities of its predecessor, the A6 processor. Thanks to this power, the smartphone is comparable in performance to some models of personal computers that were relevant in those years. The capabilities of the A7 processor are fully used iPhone 5S, since the corresponding version iOS 7 has been developed for its 64-bit architecture.

This is especially evident in games. The processor's support for OpenGL ES 3.0 allows it to detail graphics and visuals at the level of Mac and PC computers and popular game consoles. This makes the gameplay more realistic.

The operating system's support for the A7 processor can significantly increase the processing speed of the video signal from the camera. The Camera app quickly captures the subject and improves video quality with higher frame rates. To these advantages is also the economy of the A7 in energy consumption. The battery life of the iPhone 5S is comparable to its predecessor iPhone 5.

iPhone features 5

Coprocessor device

The M7 coprocessor is used in the smartphone to process the motion signals of the accelerometer, compass and gyroscope. Thus, it offloads the A7 processor, while performing these functions much better. You use your M7 to run the Maps application. The coprocessor is able to independently switch turn-by-turn navigation from automobile to pedestrian mode when the owner gets out of the car and walks. It also saves battery power when the smartphone is in one place.

The coprocessor device allows you to take excellent pictures thanks to the introduced innovative technologies. They are designed specifically for the camera software and hardware.

hidden features of iphone 5s

Innovative camera

The hidden features of the iPhone 5S are complemented by a modern camera. It has a number of advantages over its predecessors and counterparts from other manufacturers.

Matrix area (increased by 15% compared to the previous model iPhone 5).

  • Pixel size 1.5 μm.
  • Aperture f / 2.2.
  • Burst shooting (10 frames per second).
  • Ability to select your favorite pictures from burst mode to save.
  • Automatic adjustment of the intensity and color temperature of the flash (complex algorithm of white and amber LEDs).
  • Automatic image stabilization (high definition of the image of photos, low noise level, excellent shots when photographing on the ground or while driving).
  • Video speed up to 120fps in HD format.
  • The ability to reduce the playback speed of the captured video up to 4 times.
  • The function of approaching the image directly during shooting (turning on with one gesture, three times zooming).
  • Shooting mode 'Square' (automatically crop pictures and convert them to square photos, convenient format for social networks).
  • Panoramic shooting mode.
  • A set of filters for regular and square photos.
hidden features of iphone 5s chinese

FaceTime video calls.

The functionality of the iPhone 5 S is supplemented with an application for video calls. It is a great tool for communicating with family and friends who are far away. For the best picture, the FaceTime HD camera on the back of the smartphone is used, it is equipped with an improved light sensor.

iphone 5 functions

Support for wireless networks

The iPhone 5S supports more wireless networks than its predecessors. This allows you to use your smartphone in almost any part of the planet to download and transfer information and data.

Operating system iOS 7 – optimization for the capabilities of the processor A7 iPhone 5S

The operating system takes full advantage of the processor, built-in camera and fingerprint sensor. iOS 7 has improved multitasking. Improved Control Center and AirDrop. The operating system interface has become much clearer, application management is more comfortable and easier.

Apps introduced in iPhone 5S

interesting features of iphone 5s

The smartphone has significantly improved and improved applications for sending letters via email and sending text messages. Improved web browsing and shooting software. The phone has a transfer of high-quality pictures and videos, the ability to find a route. Applications are optimized for iOS 7 and the capabilities of the 64-bit architecture of the A7 processor.

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