Hidden features iPhone 8, 8 Plus

Surprisingly, Apple did not pay enough attention to the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, so many users are in the dark about new technologies in these models. IPhone 8: functions and capabilities, hidden additions, design subtleties that no one knows about – further in our material.

iPhone 8, 8 Plus: hidden functions and capabilities, new, interesting, useful

Overview Apple iPhone 8

iPhone 8 – next generation smartphone Apple. The model is equipped with a six-core A11 Bionic processor and a 4.7-inch display with True Tone support. The iPhone works with an inductive charger in Qi format.

Detailed specifications:

  • Processor: Six-core, A11 Bionic (the first three cores guarantee high performance, the next three are energy efficient and energy-saving).
  • The processor works a quarter faster than in iPhone 7.
  • RAM size: iPhone 8 – 2 GB, iPhone 8 Plus – 3 GB.
  • Built-in memory: 64/256 GB.
  • Additional characteristics: large-scale implementation of support for augmented reality thanks to the technical capabilities of the new processor

But that's not all that programmers and designers have proposed. The company Apple does not tell in detail about the hidden functions of the iPhone 8. Consider the interesting functions of the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 features and capabilities

Design and structure

The configuration of the gadget resembles iPhone 7. This 'apple' gadget is different, but recognizable. The back panel of the case is made of glass, not metal. Thanks to the use of glass, the creators managed to update the design, but retain the traditional iPhone exterior.

The back and outer surfaces of the gadget are glass. According to manufacturers, the material is half as strong as glass, which was previously used in mobile devices. The frame between the glass planes is made of metal used in the aerospace industry. It is painted to match the body for each color scheme.

On top of the outer surface of the body are located: a microphone, an integrated speaker and a camera for taking selfies, at the bottom – the Home key. On the back there is a brand icon and a single camera.

An 8-pin Lightning connector, a second microphone, and another integrated speaker are on the bottom surface.

The power button and the SIM card tray are located on the right side, the manufacturers gave the left one for the sound settings buttons. Compared to the iPhone 7, these elements remain the same.

The new smartphone weighs just 148 grams. It is slightly different in size from iPhone 7.

hidden features of iPhone 8

Camera features

The new iPhone model has a wide-angle lens with a resolution of 12 megapixels. The number of megapixels remains the same. The rest of the characteristics have been significantly improved. She received a six-element lens and optical image stabilization. In the process of shooting, it is easy to notice that the 12-megapixel sensor has accelerated.

The camera of the smartphone, due to the new processor, takes excellent photos and shoots almost professional videos. Portrait shooting on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus does not require additional settings. The CPU, which processes signals in the device, is able to recognize movements, human faces and luminous flux in the frame. The technology is not used in other smartphones.

The advantage of cameras is the way they process pixels. It has faster autofocus, improved image quality in High Dynamic Range and a wide color range. Hidden functions of iPhone 8: OIS for creating a clear and smooth picture and an enlarged matrix.

functions iphone 8 plus

Screen and sound

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple has developed two types of masks to protect against coronavirus

The model has a 4.7-inch Retina HD display with a resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels. The dot density is 326 ppi. The screen has not changed from iPhone 7. But the upgraded screen supports wide color format and has improved color reproduction.

Therefore, the images look richer and more colorful. Special dual-domain pixels widen the viewing angle. Interesting features iPhone 8: you can reduce the brightness of the screen below standard values. For many users, this is a secret feature.

The screen brightness is 625 cd / m2. The text on it is easy to recognize, even in intense sunlight. The contrast ratio is 1400: 1.

In iPhone 8, modified speakers are installed, which, according to the creators, reproduce deep bass by a quarter louder. This is especially true if you listen to music or watch movies.

There are new features iPhone 8 in iMessage. Now the interlocutor can send location data. Call the 'Details' menu and get geo-location data.

The system has expanded the rights of third-party developers, in particular, they can now integrate the functionality of one application into another. The iPhone 8 Plus features let you move multiple folders on your desktop at the same time.

A useful and interesting hidden feature iPhone 8 plus that no one knows about is 3D Touch technology to prioritize application downloads.

new iphone 8 features


All new iPhone have A11 chip from Apple. The six-core processor has been designed to improve efficiency and performance. The A11 has two working cores and four efficiency cores. Consequently, speed and performance have increased.

The smartphone is equipped with a second generation PLC. The device provides additional power to the processor. Another distinctive feature is the economical consumption of the charge.

The gadget responds with lightning speed to user actions and performs tasks instantly. Launching games and switching between apps in iPhone 8 is easy.

cool features of iPhone 8

Nuances of charging

The iPhone 8 withstands a day of battery life in a busy mode. Battery charging for this model has undergone changes. One is the ability to put iPhone 8 on the charger instead of plugging it in through the charging cord. For this, the developers did not create know-how, but decided to use the Qi power standard.

iphone 8 plus features

The cost

This year Apple a three-tier pricing structure was established iPhone. Choose 64 GB of memory for 54 thousand rubles or 256 GB for 66 thousand rubles. It's well worth the money considering the 64GB variant shoots 4K video.

cool iphone 8 features

Buying: pros and cons

The advantages of the model include:

  • Speed ​​and performance.
  • Powerful camera and speakers.
  • Robust construction.


  • Cost.
  • Protruding camera.
  • Lack of headphone port.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are bargains. With the release of new models, the price of these smartphones will decrease, but the functionality will remain the same – modern and shocking. Currently, only a limited number of smartphones can boast of advanced automatic portrait editing or augmented reality technology. Diving into the iPhone 8, you understand the benefits of the ecosystem iOS.

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