Hidden features iPhone

Smartphones Apple have always had many useful options, most of which can only be found out by reading the official user manual.

We invite you to find out all the secrets of the iPhone in iOS 11 that you might have overlooked.

Features You May Not Know About

The developers of the operating system iOS 11 have a number of hidden features that you might find useful.

Moving multiple icons

Thanks to this option, you can speed up your work on your smartphone. Now you have the ability to move several applications and tools at once, distributing them into different folders. To do this, press and hold the icon with one finger. Without lifting your finger, use your second finger to select the other icons that you want to move with the first. This feature works in the Files app too.

Hidden features iPhone

Disabling the HDR button

The HDR button, which is visible in the Camera app, can be removed if you wish, but you can return it to its original position at any time. To disable this button, go to the settings, select the 'Camera' item and drag the slider opposite the Auto HDR function. When you enter the Camera app again, you will see that the HDR button has disappeared.

Hidden features iPhone

Hidden 3D Touch Modes

Another useful feature is the ability to prioritize the loading of various applications. For this you can use 3D Touch technology. The function will be useful for those users who keep track of where the computing resources of their smartphone are spent. In addition, using 3D Touch technology, the user has the ability to view the number of notifications for individual applications located in one folder.

Hidden features iPhone

Deactivating badges

For many users, the function of deactivating red notifications in the form of a badge that appear on the icons of various applications will be useful. To disable this feature, just go to settings and select the 'Notifications' menu. After that, you need to select the appropriate application and disable the slider opposite the 'Sticker on the icon' function.

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This hidden feature will be especially useful for those who actively receive notifications. Most often this applies to popular instant messengers, but in your case it can be any application.

Hidden features iPhone

Features of Wi-Fi deactivation and Bluetooth

Another secret iPhone (iOS 11) is that now the user cannot turn off the function Bluetooth and Wi-Fi through the standard control center. Disabling these options in this way leads to disconnection, but does not disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules.

Hidden features iPhone

Working with filters in 3D Touch

The user can use 3D Touch technology while operating the camera to open the simplified filter preview function. This option will be convenient for those who take a lot of pictures with their smartphone.

Hidden features iPhone

4K 60 FPS format

Few users know that the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X now have the ability to use the 4K 60 FPS shooting format. With this option, you can reduce the size of a photo or video file by up to 70%, thereby saving the limited built-in memory of your smartphone.

Hidden features iPhone

Receiving FM signal

Another specific feature that was not used in any way by the engineers iPhone is the ability of the built-in chip to receive a radio signal. This feature was discovered by enthusiastic engineers from the National Broadcasting Association, who found that the chip installed in at least version 8 of the smartphone is adapted to receive radio signals from the FM band.

The engineers examined the hardware of the phone and found that the microcircuit has an FM receiver. Thus, the phone can potentially receive a radio signal, but the engineers Apple stated that this option was not provided for by the design of the gadget.

These are the most interesting features iPhone that you might not have known about and which can make your phone even more enjoyable and convenient.

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