Home button on iPhone not working

Most owners of Apple smartphones are faced with such a problem as a malfunction of the home button. When the home button on the iPhone 5s does not work, the smartphone becomes uncomfortable to use, part of the functionality disappears. Fortunately, some faults can be corrected with your own hands.

iPhone 5s home button not working

Types of breakdowns

Breakdowns are divided into hardware and software.


  • malfunctions of installed programs;
  • dysfunctions of the operating system;


  • mechanical damage;
  • contact pad wear;
  • failure of the radio components of the button module;
  • ingress of dirt, dust, liquid.

Functional check

During normal operation of the device, each press works clearly: without repeated pressing, excessive pressure on the button, extraneous noise and jamming. Also double, triple clicks and long press should handle the assigned functions accurately.

home button iphone 5s not working

Possible causes of malfunction

If the Home button on iPhone 6, 5, 7 does not work – pay attention to the reasons that caused this 'ailment'.

There is a software problem with the device software. For example, installing applications from an unofficial source. Or the situation is worse – damage to OS files.

Hardware problems are the result of drops, bumps, or neglect of the device. Spilled coffee, tea, water, etc. on the phone will also negatively affect work.

home button does not work on iPhone 6

Repair of the Home button on the iPhone 5s at home

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It is possible to return the smartphone to working condition without visiting a service center. To do this, check out the methods below and choose the one that suits your case.

Calibrating the Home Button

The simplest operation is to calibrate. Since this is a built-in feature of the smartphone, there is no need to install additional applications or disassemble the phone.

  1. To get started, go to any preinstalled application (for example: Clock), hold down 'POWER' until the shutdown slider appears.
  2. Then hold down 'Home' and wait until the application closes (about 10 seconds). Check the functionality.

the home button does not work on the iPhone

Chemical way to solve the problem

If the Home button on the iPhone does not work due to dirt or liquid trapped under it, cleaning with chemicals is necessary. It is usually advised to apply WD-40 or isopropyl alcohol to the surface and press several times to get the product inside and flush out the blockage. This method, if handled carelessly, will cause more damage to the device. It is better to use this option when the button module is removed from the phone. It is also better to use inactive means to preserve plastic parts and electronic boards.

iphone 6 home button not working

Connector position correction

Earlier 'IPhone' models (with a 30-pin charging connector) have a special feature. Using the supplied USB cable, you can fix the button connector. To do this, insert the cable into the connector, place your finger under the plug and gently push upward. If after the performed manipulations the problem persists, do not press harder. Better try another way.

home button iphone 5 not working

Solving the problem using a USB cable

Also, software glitches are solved by resetting the device to factory settings. If, due to a malfunction, the smartphone cannot be unlocked and reset, then the computer and the iTunes program will help us. Through it, it is easy to make a memory backup, reset to factory settings and access other device functions.

home button does not work on iPhone 5

Programmatic method for solving the problem

Still not sure what to do if the home button on the iPhone 5s does not work? Use software implementation. This will allow the device to return to its previous functionality for a while.

Navigate to the indicated menu items: Settings – General – Accessibility – AssistiveTouch. Activate AssistiveTouch and you will see a translucent icon appear on the screen, duplicating the function of mechanical buttons.

what to do if the home button on iPhone 5s does not work

Replacing the Home button on an iPhone 5s

The most serious and costly way is to replace the button module with a new one. Such an operation requires disassembling the front panel of the gadget. Keep in mind that the products Apple are renowned for their engineering complexity. Installing a low-quality part will give zero result, since such a module and a device communicate with special proprietary commands, which will cause the fake to malfunction.

iPhone button does not work

What if all else fails?

When the Home button on the Iphone 5s stopped working, contact the original service center. Wizards will diagnose and fix the breakage with proper quality. You do not need to try to disassemble the device and repair it yourself if you do not know how to do it. Also read our article on how to replace the Home button with iPhone 5, 5S.

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