How can I make Touch ID work better on your iPhone?

How can I make Touch ID work better on your iPhone?

The Touch ID fingerprint scanning system has become one of the main features of the iPhone 5S and now every year Apple it cannot but add Touch ID to its devices. This feature still delights phone and tablet users from Apple. You can use your fingerprint to unlock your phone, pay at App Store or iTunes. But, unfortunately, very often technical users Apple face the problem of poor Touch ID performance. Regardless of the generation and year of release of Touch ID, it occasionally makes minor mistakes in work, does not respond to a finger or starts to work slower than usual.

This article explains how to help you improve Touch ID performance on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Duplicate your fingerprint

At the moment, duplicating your fingerprint several times is the most important and most effective way. To make Touch ID recognize your fingers faster and more accurately, simply make multiple copies of the same fingerprint.

To do this, go to the device settings, then to the Touch ID tab and passcode. By adding the number of prints you need, you can give the print your name. But if Touch ID started to work slowly and it took more time to unlock iPhone, then you need to delete all registered fingerprints and re-add only the most necessary ones.

How can I make Touch ID work better on your iPhone?

2. Touch the metal ring

When Apple released the iPhone 5s, the company added a thin metal ring to the Home button, which plays an important role in unlocking iPhone.

It is important when unlocking to fully touch the metal border of the Home button when scanning a fingerprint.

Thus, the sensor will receive from you the most complete picture of the fingerprint-identifier and will be able to more accurately and quickly recognize the fingerprint offered to it.

How can I make Touch ID work better on your iPhone?

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3. Leave prints at the correct angle

When entering your fingerprints into the phone's memory, try to do it as naturally as possible. Imagine that you took the phone in your hand in order to unlock or do some other familiar action. Don't try to completely imprint your entire finger and make a perfect copy of your fingerprint. Do not be afraid to boldly put your finger on the button as it suits you, from any angle. Consistency of your fingerprint is important for Touch ID to function properly.

How can I make Touch ID work better on your iPhone?

4. Update

Surprisingly, updating your iPhone that supports the fingerprint reader will really improve Touch ID performance noticeably. If you feel that your smartphone has become a little slower to unlock, then you should install the new firmware version on your iPhone. This method will significantly improve the performance of Touch ID.

How can I make Touch ID work better on your iPhone?

5. Observe cleanliness

Perhaps this advice will seem too trivial to you, but it is also important for maintaining the correct operation of Touch ID on your iPhone. Before adding a new print, you should wash your hands thoroughly and do not make an print with wet or damp hands. The printout may come out with gaps or blurry, which will impair the performance and speed of Touch ID. And do not forget to wipe the Home button with a dry cotton pad or dry napkins. Due to the accumulation of dust and grease on the surface of the sensor, Touch ID makes it difficult to properly scan your finger.

How can I make Touch ID work better on your iPhone?

The methods listed in this sunless article will help you improve the performance and speed of Touch ID on your device.

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