How can you break iPhone?

On the Internet, the user will find a bunch of experiments that people put on iPhones. All this is started for shows, strength tests and maintainability tests. They often cause the device to stop working. So how can a person break an iPhone with the help of improvised means?

How can you break iPhone?

The easiest way to disable an iPhone is to throw it hard on the floor or other hard surface. There is a possibility that one time will not be enough, so we repeat the procedure until the device stops turning on.

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Option number two is to drown. With the advent of moisture protection in the latest iPhones, it becomes more and more difficult to do this. For example, iPhone 5S will live in water for a maximum of 15 minutes, after which it will turn off, however, after a while it will still turn on. True, all functions will definitely not work for him. Models such as 7 and above are able to spend much more time underwater, after which they will continue to operate normally.

You can also set fire to the phone. Again, the length of the procedure depends on the model, as they have different body materials. Something burns quickly, something takes a long time, but the result is always the same – the device will certainly die.

The best option would be to cut the phone. No gadget can survive such a merciless torture. There are many more ways to break an iPhone by mechanical damage. It all depends on the capabilities and imagination of the user.

Sometimes in iOS there are software ways to kill the phone. For example, recently the phone turned to brick after setting a certain date.

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