How do I charge my phone to keep it working longer? Here are four rules

The phone battery is a capricious thing, so it should be handled with care. We will tell you about four basic rules for charging a gadget that will allow it to last longer. They are universal, but most of all relevant for owners of budget devices and old models of smartphones. Your iPhone 4 can still live if it's properly charged.

How do I charge my phone to keep it working longer?  Here are four rules

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The first rule is: don't leave your phone charging overnight! Many smartphone owners are guilty of this because of convenience. However, at this time, an oversupply of energy occurs in the power grid, and the smartphone may burn out.

Experts do not recommend putting your smartphone on charge in your car before you start the engine. It's simple: when you start the motor, there is a surge of energy, and the gadget can, again, burn out.

When you charge your phone, try not to run heavy games and applications. Discard cheap, low-quality chargers if you don't want to say goodbye to your smartphone ahead of time.

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