How do I create an app for iOS myself?

h Mobile phones were previously only a convenient means of communication between people. 15 years later, with the emergence of such operating systems as iOS and Android, they are used to make life easier, for work, leisure, and as a means of entertainment. But can they serve as a means of additional income?

Today, mobile apps are not only games, movie watching and social media, but also a way to grow your business. By creating a mobile application of your enterprise for such operating systems as iOS or Android, you can significantly increase the size of the audience covered, the number of orders and the number of users involved, increasing their daily loyalty to the product or service you provide. But how does this happen? We will analyze this below, and at the same time we will answer the question of how to create an application for iOS yourself.

Earnings through a mobile application based on iOS

If you have your own native store, online store website, or you just sell your products on social networks, it's time for you to think about how to increase the loyalty of your customers and thereby bypass your competitors by creating a mobile application on iOS and other operating systems.

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Most users prefer to make purchases through mobile applications, as it is much faster and more convenient. Did you know that the number of smartphone users in the world already exceeds 2 billion? At the same time, 78% of users prefer to make purchases in the store through a mobile application instead of a website. The mobile app also shows a higher average check than websites and a lower bounce rate due to the following factors:

  1. Push notifications: Short pop-up notifications will not let the user forget about you, I regularly remind you about special offers, promotions and seasonal discounts.
  2. Quick order: Ordering goods through the application will take a client only a couple of clicks, unlike a website, where this process can take a long time due to a long load and less responsive design even in the mobile version.
  3. Convenient payment: Without being distracted by external factors, it will be much easier for the user to make a purchase and make a payment. Also, the increase in loyalty in this case is affected by the binding of your payment data in the application, which saves the client from re-entering data.
  4. Quick access to the application: Being on the home screen of the phone, the user will constantly remember you when unlocking the device. In addition, he no longer needs to search for the product he needs on the Internet, it will be enough to click on the icon of your application, enter the name of the required product in the search and complete the purchase.

Where can I create an iPhone app for free?

There are several options for creating a mobile application for iphone designed for different types of entrepreneurs.

  • Developer studio. Often, mobile applications in the CIS are created in individual development studios by a team of professional programmers and designers, which provides you with a unique and functional product at the end. However, the price tag for such developers is usually at least $ 1,500, and the development will take at least one and a half to two months. Therefore, it is a choice for those who have been on the market for a long time and can afford such services.
  • Freelance. The most risky choice, since freelance developers do not provide any guarantees for work completed on time, however, a freelance developer's price tag is an order of magnitude lower than that of specialized studios.
  • Mobile application builder. An ideal choice for those without programming or design skills. Its main advantages are that creating an application in the constructor is absolutely free, takes only 15 minutes, and gives you the opportunity to test the application on your potential customers. But at the same time, your application will have template design and functionality.

Application builders for iOS

Mobile app builders are completely different, but how to choose the right one? Whatever you waste your time looking for, we have chosen for you the best constructors found by us in the CIS under iOS and Android.

The Mo-Apps mobile app builder is an excellent choice for those who want to create a mobile app for iphone or other devices without spending a lot of money and time. You just need to carry out the basic configuration of the modules and fill your application with goods / services, publish it and watch the analytics. Affordable prices will suit entrepreneurs of all levels.

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