How Lost Mode works iPhone

In order to find a lost mobile gadget iPhone in time, you need to activate the Lost Mode, which makes it possible to:

  • lock the phone using a secret password;
  • send an SMS message to a mobile phone;
  • using geolocation to find the location of the smartphone.

How Lost Mode works iPhone

You can activate the lost function by performing the following actions:

  • Go to the page Apple ID in Settings, which is used when logging into an iCloud account.
  • In the menu for displaying all phones, you need to select a gadget for the tracking process.
  • In the window that opens, click the Show in “Find iPhone” button and activate the Lost Mode.
  • Next, you need to listen to the prompts on the screen, attaching importance to such details:

1. if a code was entered in the mobile phone, then it will be used to block the smartphone;

How Lost Mode works iPhone

2. the code entered for blocking will also be required for the unlocking process;

How Lost Mode works iPhone

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3. when providing a mobile number in the request, you must specify the one that will enable you to find the user;

How Lost Mode works iPhone

4. in the message input field, it is imperative to write that the phone is lost and give personal contacts;

How Lost Mode works iPhone

5. when the smartphone is online, it will be locked and the tracking process is activated;

6. when iPhone does not have access to the network, then the blocking and tracking processes are activated when the connection is made.

When using Lost Mode the owner can see the real location of the phone and its movement on the map.

In order to turn off the mode or change contacts, you must:

  • Log in to the identifier used to log into the cloud.
  • Find phones and select those that are in wanted mode.
  • Click on the lost mode and change the required information, or press the exit button.

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