How much is iPhone 8 Plus, 8 in America

It is known that for different sales markets Apple sets different recommended prices. Comparing identical models iPhone 8 the price in the USA is lower than in Russia. Considering the fact that the cost of iPhones is already considerable, buyers' attempts to somehow save money are not surprising. In the article, we will talk about how much the iPhone 8 costs in the USA now, how to get it there and what points to pay attention to.

iPhone 8 Plus, 8: price in the US, how much is it now in dollars

Price comparison for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus in the US and Russia

The price of the iPhone 8 in the USA depends on the marketplace, so we will compare the offers of official stores and resellers. Although if you buy from unofficial sellers on Amazon or eBay, then there is a chance to get on the action and get a discount. But it is worth considering the likelihood of fraud, since individuals who post goods on these sites (especially on eBay) can easily cheat. To find out how much the iPhone 8 costs in America in dollars, refer to the official website Apple. The simplest model of the iPhone 8 starts at $ 599, and for the iPhone 8 Plus the price in America will be $ 849 for a gadget with 256 GB of memory. In Russia, such smartphones are on average more expensive.

iphone 8 price in usa

For clarity, let's summarize the price information for the model iPhone in one table. We will calculate the price in rubles at the rate of 63 rubles per dollar. Note that the cost of this model no longer depends on the color of the case.


Price in USA (USD)

Price in USA (rub.)

Price in Russia (RUB)

iPhone 8 64 Gb




iPhone 8 256 Gb



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iPhone 8 Plus 64 Gb




iPhone 8 Plus 256 Gb




Why is it cheaper in America iPhone

So, why is the price for the same model iPhone 8 lower in the USA than in Russia? Several factors play a role here. Firstly, the price of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in America does not include the import duty that our resellers pay. Second, the final cost in Russia includes additional taxes and sellers' profits. Well, let's take into account the associated costs of product certification. In fact, the biggest price difference can be seen on the latest smartphone models Apple. Here, the savings reach 15 – 20 thousand rubles. The 'older' the smartphone, the smaller the difference, but the more chances you have to get on the action and buy an iPhone at a big discount.

iPhone 8 price in USA

How to checkout

If the price for the model you are interested in iPhone 8 in America is much lower, then it makes sense to order it there. The ideal option to buy an iPhone 8 in the USA, of course, is to order through some acquaintance. If you have a friend who went to America on a trip or has the opportunity to make a purchase to his American address, then there are no tricks and no additional expenses. But let's consider the more common case when iPhone 8 there is no one to buy in America for you, and you have to act on your own.

In this case, try using the services of 'mail forwarders' – special companies with a mailing address in the United States. The most famous of them are 'Shapito' and 'Qwintry', on their websites there are detailed instructions for ordering iPhones in the official store Apple. The main thing with such a purchase is to choose the right smartphone model, since not all phones support Russian LTE frequencies. A table of compatible devices with their codes can be found both on the official website Apple and on all kinds of professional Internet resources.

The second nuance to which you should pay attention will be the indication of the mail forwarder's address. Apple takes care of the income of its overseas dealerships and resellers, so it limits the order from US stores for citizens of other countries. If the first time you didn’t manage to place a purchase to the US address of the intermediary, do not worry – make several attempts with different address options. Ultimately, sooner or later, the site will miss the order. The cost of delivery by an intermediary starts from 1500 rubles to Moscow or St. Petersburg.

how much does an iPhone 8 plus cost in America


So, we found out how much the iPhone 8 Plus costs in America and how you can order it from there. Judging by the above table, the difference in price is minimal. However, here we must take into account the fact that at the time of this writing, the dollar rate has grown, and resellers have not yet reacted to this. So Russian prices may rise slightly in the near future. In any case, only you can make the final decision. But do not forget that you will have to buy an adapter for an outlet for the American iPhone and be content with a one-year warranty. Whereas Rostest smartphones are serviced for 2 years in official service centers Apple.

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