How much is iPhone X in America

The tenth iPhone won the hearts of the public with impressive technical characteristics, updated design and a lot of 'chips' that competitors do not have. Experts called this device a breakthrough in the global mobile device market. A well-run advertising campaign played an important role – many fans of 'apple' products wanted to get iPhone X. An unexpected obstacle to the dream was the price of a smartphone. Wondering how much does an iPhone 10 cost in the US? On a 64 GB device, it started selling at 80 thousand rubles. The 256 GB model cost 92 thousand rubles to buyers in Russia. So it turned out that the apparatus was not affordable for most of the population.

how much does an iPhone 10 cost in America
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In the US, the situation is different – the minimum price tag for a 64 GB smartphone was $ 999. At that time, the price in rubles at the exchange rate was about 58 thousand rubles, and for a device with 265 GB it would have to pay 67 thousand. Those who ordered the tenth generation model on the company's official website Apple saved $ 200 on the purchase, and then waited for the parcel straight from the Stars and Stripes continent. Experts consider this cost of the device reasonable, even taking into account the fact that the prime cost iPhone X was set at the level of 412 dollars.

Price comparison for iPhone 10 in different countries

Traditionally, Apple devices in other countries are more expensive than in the United States. Included in the cost are the costs of logistics, customs duties and suppliers' profits. Stores will not sell electronics at a loss. Also, the price iPhone includes the amount of value added tax – in different countries the amount of tax is different, so the price of a smartphone varies. Customs costs and transportation cost 5%, but the final cost is formed individually for each region. The price tag depends on the competitive component and the market situation, but they try to keep the final cost in check. Below is a table for comparison – how much does an iPhone 10 cost in America, Russia and other countries.

iPhone 10 price in USA
Country iPhone X 64 Gb iPhone X 256 Gb
In dollars In rubles,
at the rate of 65 rubles. for $
In dollars In rubles,
at the rate of 65 rubles. for $
Australia 1265 82225 1465 95225
Great Britain 1325 86125 1523 98995
Hungary 1475 95875 1697 110305
Germany 1372 89180 1575 102375
India 1391 90415 1594 103610
Italy 1420 92300 1623 105495
Canada 1082 70330 1254 81510
China 1284 83460 1483 96395
UAE 1116 72540 1288 83720
Poland 1392 90480 1602 104130
Russia 1387 90155 1595 103675
Singapore 1223 79495 1401 91065
USA 999 64935 1149 74685
France 1384 89960 1587 103155
Japan 1023 66495 1177 76505
Where to buy an iPhone 10

Where is the best place to buy iPhone 10?

After America, the residents of Japan can boast of budget smartphones iPhone X – the average cost of a device with 64 GB of memory is 58,800 rubles, and this is the indicator closest to the minimum threshold. The most expensive smartphones are in Hungary – the minimum set costs 85 thousand rubles. The most reliable and cheapest option for purchasing iPhone is to order on the official website Apple, and large trading platforms (Amazon, EBay) also offer favorable conditions. And if you don't want to order a smartphone in other countries or go for it yourself, then you should wait for a natural drop in prices for the iPhone 10 in Russia – this will be the case after the company's new devices Apple appear on sale.

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